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Europe’s leading furniture houses choose Melbourne-based Domo to reach the Australian market

A carefully selected group of Europe’s most prestigious and sought after furniture brands are sold exclusively in Australia through Domo.

The company’s meticulously and creatively produced showrooms in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland are a haven for furniture lovers interested in classically beautiful or stylishly directional pieces for indoor and outdoor living. Grange, Ligne Roset, DEDON, RODA, Marchetti and Duresta and Felix Monge are just some of the brands the company represents in its own highly original, carefully edited room-by-room manner.

Specialising in practical yet beautiful furniture for more than a quarter of a century, Domo’s founder, Frank Novembre, and his team are adept at identifying furniture manufacturers the world over and partnering exclusively with them for the Australian market.

Mutual commitment to quality, craftsmanship and customer service unite Domo with each of its brands. Domo looks for practicality in design, originality and vision when it comes to choosing furniture for its client base which includes both the professional design community and private buyers alike.

The current brands on offer through Domo are:

  • Marchetti – Italian master craftsmen for more than 40 years, utilising traditional, artisan techniques to produce hand-finished furniture.
  • Felix Monge – French, hand crafted and solid wood furniture based on distinctive 19th and 20th century designs, most inspired by trades and professions of those eras.
  • Duresta – Makers of sofas and chairs in the ‘English Country House’ style since 1938, still based in its workshop in Nottingham, England. 
  • Grange - French Furniture makers for more than a century, creating pieces based on the best of French cabinet-making traditions, finished by hand for a peerless “satin-touch finish”.
  • De Sede – This Swiss company has been creating premium-quality leather furniture for an international market since 1965.
  • Sika Originals and Sika Outdoor – Danish company Sika has been creating furniture with comfort, quality and sustainability at its core since the 1940s.
  • Ligne Roset - A family company since 1860, this is now one of France’s leading exporters and is known for its close collaboration with both established and emerging designers, including Didier Gomez, Pascal Mourgue, Peter Maly and the Bouroullec brothers.
  • DEDON – Germany’s world leading outdoor furniture company committed to the concept of “barefoot luxury”. DEDON pioneered the world’s first outdoor synthetic fibre and is known for its breathtaking campaigns, films and books with the likes of legendary photographer Bruce Weber.
  • Jardin – Frank Novembre’s own take on English and French wrought iron furniture of the late 19th century.
  • RODA – Italian company RODA is one of the leading creators of boundary crossing outdoor and indoor furniture.
  • Swissflex - Swiss craftmanship and the use of cutting edge technology go hand in hand with the production of Swissflex sleep systems. Swissflex provides you and your partner the ability to customise for the individual.  The physcial differences in body shape, weight and what is your personal level of comfort soft, medium or firm are catered for.
  • Duvivier - The origin of DUVIVIER dates back to 1840. In that year Jean-Baptiste DUVIVIER set up business in the saddler trade. The manufacture of sofas began in 1978 providing customers a choice of 10 quality leathers, without equal in the world (all full-grain). Thick and natural leathers that almost no one else is capable of working with demonstrates the mastery of Duvivier, providing sofa’s which are contemporary, opulent, comfortable, elegant and always welcoming.
  • La Boite Concept - French electro-acoustic specialists who combine high fidelity and new digital sound systems in easy-to-use, easy-on-the-eye practical pieces of furniture.
  • Bernhardt Interiors - Here everything old becomes new again. But, formal doesn’t have to mean stuffy. Items are updated or repurposed for a modern audience and basic pieces are mixed with found objects to create a vibe of worldliness with a touch of whimsy. In classic Bernhardt Interiors tradition, settings continue to maintain clean, modern elements, reflect simple luxury and suggest chic sensibility.

Many of the designs under the Domo umbrella are recipients of the coveted international Red Dot Design Award which receives over 11,000 submissions from 61 countries each year and honours outstanding design quality and trendsetters.

By travelling the world, sourcing the very best brands that Europe has to offer and securing unique partnerships, Domo is able to offer furniture and accessories that continue to be designed and manufactured in Europe to exacting standards. This approach, combined with highly trained staff providing personalised service, has led to 25 years of repeat custom for the company.

Further distinguishing Domo is the service and delivery aspect of the business with the company operating its own fleet of delivery vehicles – managed by an in-house logistics and distribution team – so it can maintain its exceptional standards right up to the moment that products reach a client’s home and are assembled, ready to enjoy.

Domo originally opened in Hawthorn, Victoria, as the exclusive distributor of Grange Furniture in Australia. The development of close bonds with the family behind Grange and the success of this iconic traditional brand in the local market led to additional brands in classic, contemporary and outdoor furniture joining the overall offering. 

Today Domo is recognised as an industry leader, providing not only unique and exclusive European products, but trend information and industry expertise to a growing and appreciative audience.