November 2013: DOMO Furnish My Room



We are proud to announce the "DOMO Furnish My Room" trial has now launched!

The Trial "Furnish My Room" is a free service that lets you try out selected Domo furniture items in your home, to ensure that they fit into your home and décor before you  actually buy them.

So how does Furnish My Room work? Upload a photo of your room and select a from the available Domo product items to create a realistic visual of how the item will look in your room. Furnish My Room also helps eliminate design woes about the size or shape of an item, as it automatically determines the size of an item of furniture in relation to the scale of your room, helping you decide if the furniture will fit.

Not only can you view lifelike, scaled select images of Domo furnishings in your home, the Furnish My Room application also allows you to view your room, and the furniture item, from various angles.
The trial is available on iPads, Windows 7/XP and Mac OS 10.8.   Domo is trialling this application in conjunction with Telstra. A successful trial will ensure great items from Domo's vast range of product items to be made available on this platform in the future.  Be sure to get in quick as the trial concludes on March 30.

Furnish My Room can be downloaded via the Apple App store or viewed online here.

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