10 of the Best: International Wittmann Hospitality Interiors

When design, exclusivity and craftsmanship are paramount, Austria’s Wittmann furniture is unparalleled in hospitality interiors, including hotel and lobby settings. As a result, these international Wittmann hospitality interiors captivate with their balance between contemporary and classic, colourful and monotone, flirtatious and restrained.

DOMO stocks stand-alone Wittmann pieces and ensembles for high-end public and private interiors. Moreover, we also customise Wittmann commissions with you. Visit one of our showrooms or contact DOMO for a Video Consult or a Recorded Detail Video of your nominated Wittmann piece.

Here are our 10 favourite Wittmann hospitality projects are styled across different settings.


Hospitality interiors styled with welcoming sofas and armchairs in seating areas

BDO Zentrale Lobby, Vienna – Vuelta 4 Seater Sofa (Designer: Jaime Hayon. Architect: Atelier Heiss Architekten). Credit: Peter Burgstaller

Motel One Bar, Linz – Vuelta Armchair 72, Sofa (Designer: Jaime Hayon) & Miles Table (Designer: Sebastian Herkner)

Praxis Reception, Duesseldorf – Vuelta 3 Seater Sofa (Designer: Jaime Hayon)

Hotel Arlberg Spa, Lech – Miles Swivel Chair, Sofa & Pouf (Designer: Sebastian Herkner)


Rich colour palettes and textured fabrics bring these hotel interiors to life

Hotel Mintrops Room, Burgaltendorf (Photo: Garf Luckner) – Wings Bed & Vuelta Armchair 80 (Designer: Jaime Hayon)



Hotel Altstadt Suite, Vienna – DD Coffee & Side Table (Designer: Jaime Hayon), Vuelta 3 Seater Sofa (Designer: Jaime Hayon), Sitzmaschine Lounge Chair (1905) & Fledermaus Desk Chair (1907) both designed by Josef Hoffman


Elegant, durable and comfortable seating that captures the unique mood in each of these hospitality interiors

Ladurée Ladurée Café, Tbilisi – Vuelta Armchair 72 (Designer: Jaime Hayon)

Mr Chow Restaurant, Beverley HillsFledermaus Dining Chair (Designer: Josef Hoffmann, 1907)

Ladurée Café, Tbilisi – Merwyn Dining Chair (Designer: Sebastian Herkner), Alleegasse Sofa (Designer: Josef Hoffmann)

Herzig Restaurant, Vienna (Photo: Walter Luttenberger) – Mono Dining Chair (Designer: Marco Dessi)


Wittmann is exclusive to DOMO in Australia across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. Ask today about incorporating Wittmann furniture pieces into your next hospitality interior. View the full Wittmann collection here.