Bedroom Ideas: 5 Steps for a Simple Refresh

Looking for bedroom ideas to update your sleep zone? Before fully redecorating your bedroom, try these simple steps for a modest refresh.


Your bedroom is a space to regenerate, reset and refresh, so it is vital it feels like the personal sanctuary that we need.

A few small adjustments and well-considered changes can enliven your bedroom space, lend a fresh perspective and make a difference to your overall health, wellbeing and sleep.

Try these five ideas to update your bedroom so it feels fresh and cosy again.


Bedroom Idea # 1. 

Use rugs, throws and accessories to introduce fresh colours

Colour and texture set the tone of the bedroom. While touches of bright colour are one of the best ways to liven things up, keep in mind that the bedroom’s primary purpose is for a good night’s rest.


* For a relaxing and calming bedroom space, consider sticking to neutral tones and play with pops of bright colour on accessories and accents.

* Incorporate textural elements in the bedroom to create warmth, comfort, and interest. This can be with fabric choices, carpet, bedding, rugs, curtains, wallpaper, and wooden accents.

* If you are looking for a bold statement piece, consider a new textural or patterned bed frame.


Pictured: The Ligne Roset Ultime Bed is welcoming and is instantly evocative of comfort. The Ultime Bed can be upholstered in a range of fabrics, colours, and textures to suit your style.


Bedroom Idea # 2. 

Change up the ambient and functional lighting

Swapping out old, outdated, and unused lighting for different accent pieces will change the overall energy of the room. Two kinds of lighting are important in bedrooms: ambient lighting and functional lighting.

Ambient lighting sets the mood in a room through decorative accent lighting. Ambient floor lamps, table lamps and sconces create a warm and inviting space.

Functional lighting is the practical lighting we need to perform day to day tasks in a bedroom. The job of functional lighting is to help brighten a space so we can read in bed, search through drawers and walk safely through our sleep zone.


For a quick change – no electrician needed – add an ambient console light, a bedside lamp, or an arching floor lamp to your bedroom.

Or, if you want to go further, consider swapping overhead lighting with a bold chandelier or pendant, changing from lamps to scones to save table space on bedside tables or even adding a dimmer switch to your overhead lighting.


Pictured: The Pulpo Oda Lamp  pictured above shows how to successfully incorporate an accent table lamp into the bedroom for a stylish yet practical look.


Bedroom Idea #3. 

Refresh your bedlinen

In terms of bedroom ideas, nothing adds immediate impact better than a fresh new set of bedding. Since the bed is the largest item in most sleep zones, a fresh set of bed linen, pillows and throws will instantly rejuvenate the space.

Seasonal bed linen is a fun way to update the look of your bed. Also make sure you are sleeping in something that is comfortable for the current climate.


Pictured: DOMO’s luxuriously soft bed linen is from Weave Australia, crafted with attention to detail, materials that are soft to touch and made to last. Available in-store only.


Bedroom Idea #4. 

Add multifunctional furniture

Adding flexible, multifunctional furniture into a bedroom helps optimise space, maximise the function of the room and reduce the need for excess pieces.

With working from home now the new normal, our bedrooms and guest rooms are more than just a space to sleep – they’ve evolved to be an office, study, living room and more.

Ideas for multifunctional furniture include sofa beds, reconfigurable beds with moveable components, ottoman footstools, and swivel armchairs and seats.


Pictured: DOMO’s new Ligne Roset Peter Maly 2 Bed is the perfect bed for those looking for reconfigurable and multi-functional beds. Peter Maly offers comfort, originality and aesthetic design as a bed, as well as a welcoming space for entertaining and relaxing.


Bedroom Idea #5. 

Keep it natural with plants and timber

At a time when we seek more than ever to be closer to nature, plants and organic materials bring a natural feel to the bedroom. This helps curate a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

For good feng shui, choose fresh, healthy plants and steer clear of dried biophilia. Consider adding a few pot plants upon bedroom surfaces to liven up your space and cleanse the air. Introduce a small vase of flowers or bouquet of foliage to your bedside table, it will lift the room in moments.


Another way to bring the outdoors in is via natural furniture. Timber, cotton, rattan and marble are wonderful ideas to try if you want to immediately transform the energy of the room.

Do you usually keep the curtains or blinds closed? Simply opening them up as wide as they can go allows you to draw the garden into your home. Furthermore, this injects bright invigorating sunlight into your bedroom.


Pictured: For the perfect mix of classical expertise, modern interpretations and natural elements, look no further than Italy’s Arte Brotto with their Pompeii Bed. The Pompeii Bed is appreciated most for its intricate timber inlays in oak and maple.


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