How To: Care for and Clean a Leather Sofa

How to care for leather, or clean a leather sofa, is straightforward. This is why many people opt for leather furniture as it is an easy-care item. We reveal the appropriate techniques to ensure your leather sofa stays in good condition.




Leather has natural markings

Every leather hide is unique. This is what makes leather so beautiful! Natural markings on leather such as neck and belly wrinkles, healed scars, scratches, and insect bites are normal.

As a result, leather will exhibit colour fluctuations due to its tendency to accept dyes differently in specific areas.

It is these variations, combined with the interesting textures, which expert craftsmen carefully take advantage of during tailoring to best reveal the full character and beauty of the leather.

It is important to appreciate that these characteristics will be present in leather furniture. Leather markings are a natural hallmark and distinguish top grain leather from lesser grades of leather (used by many manufacturers).


What is the highest quality leather?

Aniline leather hides are natural, soft and the highest quality leather available. Top quality aniline hides are used within DOMO’s leather ranges. The benefit of aniline leather is that it will gain character over the years.




How to avoid damage to your leather sofa

To keep your leather sofa looking good, we recommend these 6 tips:

* Keep leather away from hot items, such as hot beverages, hot plates, warm laptops.

* Do not place leather furniture close to sources of heat. Try to leave at least 50cm between your leather sofa and heaters, radiators and open fires.

* Keep leather furniture out of direct sunlight.

* Protect your leather upholstery from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

* Keep leather furniture away from solvents.

* If leather furniture comes into contact with any solvents such as hair spray, hair gel, pool chemicals, or mosquito repellents, the surface should be wiped down immediately with warm water. Surface damage caused by any these solvents is not covered by DOMO’s warranty.

Most scuffs and scratches will appear and then fade during use. Given the appropriate care (as per any of your favourite possessions) your DOMO leather upholstery will endure for a very long time.


How to clean aniline dyed leather sofa

Important! Aniline leather is the highest grade of leather, so it requires special care. As a result, the leather cleaning instructions above do not apply to full grain aniline dyed leather hides.

Furniture made with these hides are difficult to clean and so cleaning should be only attempted by a leather care specialist. Please speak with your DOMO representative to confirm if your product is aniline dyed leather.



With its timeless style, durability and easy maintenance, leather furniture is a staple in many modern homes. Remember to clean your leather sofa regularly to keep it maintained and at its best.

Visit your local DOMO showroom to discover design-forward leather sofa, armchair and décor collections. Discover leather furniture by renowned international designers such as Philippe Maoulin, Ubald Klug, Joseff Hoffmann and more.



DOMO offers a comprehensive range of designer leather sofas with most of our fabric sofas also available for customisation in leather. Additionally, DOMO’s consultants will point you in the right direction should you need to clean your leather sofa or have repairs done.

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