4 Tips for Choosing a Living Room Sofa or Armchair

Scale and proportion are important factors to consider when buying a living room sofa or armchair. DOMO VM and style expert, Jesse-Rhys Scriberras, reveals 4 tips for buying the best sofa or armchair for your living room and how to position it in your space.


NO 1. Living Room Scale

Consider the scale of your living room. A too small or too large sofa can throw off the aesthetic and liveability of your space. “A good rule of thumb is to aim for a sofa that is two-thirds of the length of your wall,” Jesse-Rhys explains.

“The award winning Ligne Roset Ploum Settee offers multiple sizes, so it is scalable to any sized living room; the small, medium and large sizes will suit most spaces,” he adds.

Pictured below: Ligne Roset Ploum Medium and Ploum Large Settees


NO. 2 Consider a Multifunctional Sofa

Multifunctional sofas allow you to change the layout of your living room with a moment’s notice. “Sofas with interchangeable and modular components, like moveable back cushions, adapt to your daily needs” explains Jesse-Rhys.

Is the fireplace on? If so, move the back cushions for a full view of your child. “The Ligne Roset Prado Settee has weighted, anti-slip back cushions that are multi-facing and moveable, making it ideal for young families in open plan living environments,” Jesse-Rhys offers.


NO. 3 Add Complementary Armchairs

“Drop contrasting armchairs into your living room setting to add personality,” explains Jesse-Rhys. A traditional living room setting – in a large space – usually includes a 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa and 2 individual armchairs in matching upholstery.

However, for a compact space Jesse-Rhys suggests “complementing your single sofa with one or two armchairs in contrasting colours, as this adds depth and enables your personal style to shine,” explains Jesse-Rhys.


NO. 4 Foster Conversation with Swivel Armchairs

“Swivel armchairs are an effective way to nurture social interaction,” says Jesse-Rhys. “This simple feature allows one to change focus in a space, from say kitchen to living room, without moving furniture around,” he reveals.

Notice how the curvy Ligne Roset Pumpkin swivelling armchairs (pictured here) help to soften the more angular lines of the sofa and room, but they “add a fun, dynamic element to your conversations,” Jesse-Rhys explains. But what if you want some me time? Simply swivel the armchair to face the TV or a quiet corner so you can repose.

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