How To: Style Contemporary and Classic Furniture Together

‘Classic-meets-contemporary’ is an interior design aesthetic simmering among style influencers. Classic and contemporary furniture styling were once firmly on opposite ends of the style spectrum. Today, tastemakers are paring back and layering the two together with stunning results.

What is ‘classic-meets-contemporary’ styling?
‘Classic-meets-contemporary’ or ‘clean traditional’ style incorporates traditional and antique furniture pieces and styles them in a modern context. Often relying on a clean, neutral backdrop, then adding traditional accent pieces to layer and soften a space.

Want to add warmth to modern interiors?
Detailed, hand crafted, patinaed antique pieces can be used to add a touch of warmth and heritage to modern spaces. “Pared back traditional or antique furniture pieces are mixed and matched – but in a minimal way. It’s a balancing act of incorporating old with new,” says Hannah Nisbet, DOMO’s style expert.

“Whether incorporating a beloved family heirloom, or purchasing a new traditional piece, a nod to the past creates depth and presence in a home,” adds Hannah. “As a result, families are looking to create fresh youthful spaces acknowledging heritage features and shapes, but in a modern context.”

How do I choose a classic furniture piece?
With clean, fresh lines and muted colours, contemporary interiors allow traditional accent pieces to shine. “Whether you opt for pared-back traditional furniture or ornate antiques, be sure to choose a piece that you will love for years to come,” says Jesse Sciberras, DOMO’s Interior Stylist.

For an embellished accent piece, Jesse suggests the Gli Originali Sideboard (pictured above) as “the soft curves and intricate walnut inlay adds warmth and interest to a room. Pair it with contemporary vases or a mirror to harmonise and modernise your vignette.”

Alternatively, for a pared-back heritage piece, look to the black Chiara Console (pictured above). Jesse explains that “the black colour streamlines the corrugated drawers while maintaining the uniqueness and texture of the hand-crafted timber. Simply add a contemporary ornament, vase, or lamp atop the console for a modern reference point.”

To highlight your vignette, soft lighting is key. “Not only does a lamp centre the eye around your heritage accent piece, but it also helps to balance the space,” adds Jesse.

Where can I source classic furniture pieces?
Antique shops, markets and online vintage sellers are a great way to source antique furniture for your ‘classic contemporary’ vignettes. Alternatively, DOMO offers a unique array of best-in-class traditional furniture pieces. The heritage-inspired designs are clean, elegant, timeless and made to meet the needs of modern life. The craftsmanship, construction and finishing processes of each piece is honed to perfection.

Need some classic or contemporary furniture ideas for your home?
When choosing bespoke or handcrafted ‘classical’ pieces for your home, turn to style leaders such as England’s Duresta, Italy’s Giovanni Visetin and Arte Brotto, and France’s Duviver. These key brands offer clean, timeless heritage-inspired designs that add instant style credibility.



Want to try mixing and matching contemporary and classic furniture?

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