How To Guide: Tailor-Make Furniture

Looking for a unique accent piece for your home? Custom furniture truly expresses your personality and sets your space apart. From selecting a much-loved furniture style, through to hand-picking the perfect size, fabric or finish, the goal is to create something you will love for life.

Many design-lovers enjoy the creative process and find it intuitive. Others prefer a little guidance when it comes to creating a tailor-made piece. Either way, our guide will help orient you towards the perfect piece for your space.

Why customise furniture?

Custom furniture tends to be handcrafted – it is made slowly with care to detailing. Craftspeople linger on each piece as it is made-to-order and is one-of-a-kind. In addition, superior hand-selected materials, finishes and fabrics are utilised.

Custom furniture brings to life a vision, a mood board concept or a vignette. You can express your personal identity and create a unique piece that is individualised to you. As the self-appointed ‘designer’ you may be able to specify (depending on the furniture style you choose):

+ Specific colourways

+ Matte or gloss finishes

+ Fabrics, patterns, and leathers

+ Finishes such as walnut, oak, ceramic stoneware, marble

+ Specialised dimensions

How do I customise a piece of furniture?

There are 4 steps to tailor making custom furniture. Firstly, select the style of the furniture piece you would like. Once this is locked in, the measurement specifications are important, as this determines the scale and spatial appropriateness of your accent piece. Finally, the fabrics and finishes are selected to emphasise the uniqueness of the piece.

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What are the 4 steps to customise furniture?

1. Select the style

When it comes to custom furniture, the opportunities are vast. Sofas often come to mind. However, don’t overlook how a tailor-made side table, cabinet, armchair, floor lamp or swivel chair add distinctiveness to a space. Think about the lines, edges and curves you want to accentuate, then select a furniture shape that feels good to you.

2. Determine the measurements

Once you have chosen your accent piece, it is important to get the sizing spot-on. Reflect on the dimensions of your space and measure the size of your room. Your custom furniture must work with the scale of the room.

3. Choose fabrics and finishes

Do you seek a bright character-filled stand-out piece, or a minimalist monochrome look? Either way, choose a fit-for-purpose fabric or finish that creates the mood you want in your home. From luxe through to everyday living objectives, your final choice must fit with your lifestyle.

4. Lead times

When planning your home update, take into account lead times. For the perfect colour and size, your signature piece is worth the wait! Lead times on custom furniture vary across furniture makers. International freight timelines may fluctuate too, so always ask your design consultant for a timeline.

At DOMO we pride ourselves on our personalised consultations to get your brief on-point. Our exclusive portfolio of brands offers best-in-class tailoring options, which we will guide you through – collections such as Ligne Roset, Duresta and de Sede. Many of these pieces have the ability to be modified in terms of the fabric, leather, colours, surfaces and legs.

Our design consultants work with you to:

+ Review fabric and finish swatches

+ Advise on the dimensions of your signature piece within supplier specs

+ Discuss colour matching

+ Arrange quotations, delivery, installation and educate on product care


DOMO offers exclusive tailorable furniture solutions in a variety of shapes and sizes. Peruse our array of tailor-made sofas, armchairs, ottomans, side tables, cabinets and more. We work with you to refine the look of your signature piece.

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Visit a DOMO showroom or contact DOMO for a Video Consult for your next tailoring project. We can also offer a Recorded Detail Video of your nominated fabric swatch or furniture piece.