Annie Hiéronimus Designer Artist Plumy sofa Sandra sofa DOMO

Born in Paris, designer and artist Annie Hiéronimus studied at Ecole des Métiers d’Arts et des Arts Appliqués. She joined French contemporary furniture designers Ligne Roset in 1976 and created key 1980’s graphic furniture for the brand.

Annie Hiéronimus created many designs for the company, among them Opus sofa, Petit Matin sofa, Confidences, Sassi vases and the Sandra Sofa which is still incredibly popular today. The 1980 release of the Plumy sofa saw it rise to become an iconic hallmark of 1980’s culture with its excessive billowing form. Its popularity sealed, it was reissued in 2016 by Ligne Roset. Since 1997, Annie has worked from her own studio leaning towards a purely artistic output.