Joseff Hoffmann, born in 1870, studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He became a professor and a pioneer of modern design, establishing the Vienna Workshop (Wiener Werkstätte). Hoffmann designed architecturally significant buildings such as the Purkersdorf near Venice and Palais Stoclet in Brussels.

Joseff Hoffmann’s language of design is characterised by strict geometrical lines, a search for simplicity, and the typical reduction to black and white. He overcame the duality of tradition and modernity and created works that are valid to this day. Franz Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten have been given sole authorisation by Josef Hoffmann according to his original designs. Joseff Hoffman’s keynote furniture designs: Fledermaus chair, Kubus sofa and armchair, Alleegasse sofa and chair, Sitzmachine chair with adjustable back.