Iconic DS-600 Lounge: 50 Years + Top Interiors

Often cited as the longest sofa in the world, the iconic DS-600 ‘snake’ modular lounge has irrefutably positioned its ‘free-flowing’ self as more than simply a gimmick. Highly favoured by architects, designers, and taste-curators alike, 2022 sees this modular masterpiece marking its 50th year in production.

Designed in 1972 by Swiss and German designers Ueli Berger, Eleonore Peduzzi Riva, Heinz Ulrich and Klaus Vogt, the DS-600 is named after a mythical alpine creature, the Tatzelwurm. Steeped in folklore, the lizard-like Tatzelwurm is said to have crawled the alpine regions of Europe over the centuries.

While the fabled lizard is yet to be spotted, the DS-600 has firmly made its presence known. Globally, the DS-600 modular lounge has become a steadfast designer piece. Suitable for residential and commercial environments alike, its modular elements can be expanded to suit any room, no matter its dimensions or shape.


Moreover, the free-flowing design of the DS-600 modular lounge is unique because it is…

• Comprised of modular interlocking segments – create any arrangement!
• Able to make conventional or unconventional shapes
• Configurable to any length
• Can weave through spaces, corners and circular settings
• Constructed of leather-clad segments that firmly lock/zipper together
• Available in a range of colours and upholstery options
• Masterfully hand crafted in Switzerland

The DS-600 snake sofa’s distinctive form continues to grace the grandest interiors today. So, here are some of the top interiors featuring this iconic modular lounge:

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