We often say that ‘luxury’ is about the absence of problems, rather than the addition of flashy features and this is the approach that needs to be adopted by people living in apartments. Whether you’re a first-time property owner, choose to live in a high-density part of town or it’s your first time down-sizing, apartment living is more than the space you occupy – it’s a lifestyle choice.
You may feel like you are suffering from a distinct lack of storage space in your small apartment. But at DOMO, we suggest you don’t need a maximised amount of space or expensive home renovations to get more storage. In fact, there are plenty of amazing furniture choices that serve both as comfortable living options and enhanced storage potential. Experienced in the nuances of luxury, modern living, DOMO was excited to have been asked to offer their advice on enhancing the efficiency of a space by Bupa Home Insurance for their new article, ‘Creative Storage Solutions for Small Apartment Living’.
Have a look below for some more inspiration on how furniture can easily help you get more storage from your small apartment space.

Modular Storage Units

Modular wall storage is a simple and elegant solution to your small space problem. These furnishings are designed to get the most out of their space. They offer stylish arrangements in a slim line form factor which does not waste any of your precious square metres.
You can configure modular storage for a variety of purposes in your small apartment. These can include wall-mounted shelving, a TV/bookcase area, or even accent pieces for various wall decorations. In all cases, this highly customisable option is the perfect way to get even more storage out of your limited space.

Multipurpose Furniture Pieces

A multipurpose piece of furniture refers to an item that can be used for more than one purpose in your home. By combining two uses into one item, you will get the most efficient usage of your limited apartment space. And when you utilise multiple furnishings with this design principle, you’ll be amazed at how much storage space you’ll have available.
Examples of multipurpose furniture include a coffee table/storage shelf, a comfortable ottoman with hidden storage, and even a side or end table with built-in shelving.
With the right furniture in place, even the smallest of apartments can provide you with all the storage space you’ll need. And when you work with a premium quality furniture source like DOMO, you can rest assured that you’ll have quality, functional furniture that also looks amazing.

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