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A growing number of interiors are celebrating classically inspired furniture to bring eclectic styled interiors to life. Using a blend of contemporary and traditionalist elements in modern spaces is an ideal middle ground to indulge this eclectic aesthetic, and the dining area is an ideal setting to explore this hybrid approach.

The family dining space is the heart of the home, where the family bonds over home-cooked meals so by using more classical elements such as a fine timber dining tables you can evoke old-world charm, without becoming nostalgic.

For those of you looking to transform your dining space with classic furniture, DOMO has an extensive range of products that will do precisely that. Offering carefully curated items from Marchetti, Grange, Sika Design and de Sede, some of the traditionalist features to expect include solid wood, rounded borders, intricate detailing, and elegant inlays in maple and oak.

View some highlights of our classical furniture below, also available now at your nearest DOMO showroom.

Grange 1904 Dining Table

Grange Haussmann Dining Table

Grange Jacob Dining Table

Marchetti FG 137/L Console/Table

Marchetti FG 648 Dining Table

Marchetti FG 616 Dining Table

Sika Design Lucas Dining Table

de Sede DS 777/97 Oak Dining Table and de Sede DS515/02.1054 Wire Chair with Armrests

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