It is a rare luxury to be able to customise high-end designer lighting and furniture, but Pulpo is one of those rare brands. Its handcrafted lights and furniture are always an artistic adventure not only for the designers and company, but also for the customer.

Ursula and Patrick L’hoste founded Pulpo in 2006, creating a range of products that expressed their passion for the beautiful, and their courage to experiment. Over the years, Pulpo has collaborated with a small select group of designers, who share a love of materials and highly functional products, including Sebastian Herkner, Davide Monopoli and Ferrérol Babin.

The whimsical and handmade characteristics of the lighting and furniture set Pulpo apart, as does the ability to custom order. DOMO stocks a curated selection of Pulpo’s best-selling lighting and furniture, for which the colour, size and combination of shades can be customised to suit an interior style and setting.


Pulpo Magma Table Lamp

From its earthy base to floating illuminated shade, the Magma Table Lamp is a beautiful display of contrasts: glass and ceramic, light and dark, glossy and matt, curves and corners. Designed by Ferrérol Babin, Magma appears if it has emerged from deep within the earth’s centre and is topped with delicate handblown glass.

The colour and dimensions of the Magma Table Lamp base and shade can be customised in a variety of combinations.


 Pulpo Stellar Grape Lamp

Stellar Grape Lamp, designed by Sebastian Herkner, is a floor and table lamp inspired by a bunch of grapes. A cluster of 13 spherical glass shades have hazy transparencies and rippled waves to diffuse a soft glow and create a beautiful setting. Each handblown shade has texture and detail, and are grouped around discreet steel stand.

Stellar Grape Floor Lamp is available with transparent, smoky-grey or aubergine glass shades and a black or champagne metal stand.


Pulpo Cactus Lamp

 The symmetry of cactuses growing in Mexico is Mickaël Koska inspiration to design the Cactus Lamp as an illuminating sculpture. The cylindrical Pyrex glass shades, handcrafted in France, are available in various colours and sizes, and grouped together in different combinations of three and five.

Cactus Lamp is available in transparent or smoky-grey glass, with black or brass centrepiece.


Pulpo Bent Side Table

Sebastian Herkner’s Bent Side Table combines glass and marble into a striking sculptural form that demands a closer look. Visually light and incredibly sturdy, the rippled glass is transparent and textured, while the marble is solid and smooth.

Bent Side Table is available with a white or grey glass base and top, or with a carrara, black nero or light-green marble tabletop. The top is available in two sizes.


Pulpo Madison Bar Trolley

The Madison Bar Trolley is based on mixology – just like any good cocktail. It blends wood, glass and steel into a contemporary form that’s a twist on the classic art deco bar trolley. Designed by Michael Schmidt, Madison has rectilinear structure that fuses glass shelf, bottle cage and serving table.

Madison Bar Trolley is available in black oak or natural ash with smoky-grey glass and steel.

For more information on Pulpo’s customisable lighting and furniture, please visit your local DOMO showroom or contact our dedicated and professional showroom personnel. DOMO showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria are open between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday and are operating with increased hygiene standards in place.

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