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DOMO has an exciting range of furniture, lighting and accessories to suit all colour palettes and preferences. Whether your style is monochrome magic, beautifully bold or peaceful pastel, DOMO has a broad spectrum to choose from.

Monochrome magic

A monochrome setting is inherently classic and sophisticated, exuding understated elegance. The smart and simple colour scheme suits any style of interior and any room in the house.

Select furniture that evokes a sense of warmth if you’re balancing black, white and shades of grey. Enveloping and rounded forms, such as HC28’s Bear Armchair  to offer comfort to counteract any bluntness of black and white, and add depth, softness and interest. HC28 has a large collection of furniture available in black and white, including storage, tables and the multipurpose Toy side table, which can also be used as stool. The DOMO Furniture Octopussy Valet Stand in a black crocodile finish provides the perfect storage addition to the bedroom.

DOMO Homewares also has a large range of artwork and objects, such as vases and fruit stands, in black and white. Dark-coloured cushions can add a subtle touch of colour, and lighting can provide a metallic accent.

Beautifully bold

Vibrant colours and punchy patterns take centre stage when your style is bold. The ultimate antagonist to minimalist design, a bold home is dramatic and daring – a visual feast for the eyes.

Keep your furniture natural and neutral if you’re playing with colours and patterns in wallpaper and soft furnishings. Textured materials will make the statement you need to complement. Marchetti’s stunning collection of bedroom furniture is made with aged walnut and a cane inlay – the contrast in materials and surfaces standing out even against a bold backdrop. Being beautifully bold is all about layering colour, texture and pattern. DOMO’s bed linen collection in natural or charcoal is perfect choice. Made with 100% washed linen, the duvet and sheets have a beautiful textured look that works with any style and season.

The Ligne Roset Pai Pai Armchair is an inviting and comfortable cocoon shaped armchair that makes for the perfect statement piece.

Peaceful pastel

A pastel palette offers a calm and serene home environment. The soft harmonious tones can be used to create an interior scheme that’s playful or sophisticated, contemporary or traditional.

Furniture with interesting forms provides visual variation in a pastel-coloured scheme. Ligne Roset’s Ploum two-seater sofa has ample and ultra-soft curves that offer supreme comfort, and its Anda armchair has a bucket seat and high back, almost like a cupped hand. Neutral tones and textured surfaces will help avoid a scheme that’s too sugary sweet

Crisp white lighting and storage will also help keep a pastel palette fresh, providing subtle contrast and highlight. Ligne Roset’s 360 Degrés side table is a flexible solution with swivelling trays; the Bul floor lamp is versatile for task lighting and ambient lighting; and the Persienne storage modules can be stacked in a customised arrangement.

DOMO is pleased to offer interior design support and advise. Visit one of the DOMO showroom’s across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and ask in-store today!

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