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Handcrafted furniture with easy confidence and a timeless quality

We are excited to announce that DOMO is the new Australian retailer of Wittmann, whose handcrafted furniture has a modern character, easy confidence and timeless quality that harks back to the origins of early modernist design.


Surrounded by wineries in Etsdorf am Kamp in Austria, Wittmann has never left its original location or lost its roots. The fourth-generation family-owned company began as a saddlery in 1896, evolving into upholstered furniture in the mid-twentieth century. Handcrafted production, high-quality materials and incomparable comfort have always underscored its products, with an approach to design characterised by elegant and luxurious simplicity.


Wittmann began collaborating with furniture designers in the early 1960s, and obtained sole authorisation rights to produce the work of Austrian architect and designer Josef Hoffmann. Co-founder of Wiener Werkstätte in 1903, Hoffmann’s designs had simple geometries, refined proportions and merged craftsmanship and artistic conception. He is renowned for his approach to interiors, creating a Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) that reconciled all aspects of architecture, art and design. It is from Hoffmann’s interior for Dr. Hugo Koller’s music room that Wittmann’s Alleegasse Armchair (below right) originated. The upholstered chair, designed in 1912, overcomes the dichotomy of modernity and tradition with a timeless quality that has come to define Wittmann furniture.

Wittmann has worked with other great European designers, such as Paolo Piva, Hannes Wettstein, Matteo Thun and Jean Nouvel, and in 2002 reissued the ground-breaking designs of Friedrich Kiesler. In 2016, Wittmann and Jaime Hayón partnered on a new collection, Wittmann Hayón Workshop, which combines the exceptional craftsmanship both Wittmann and Hayón are known for, whilst keeping the vision of Hoffmann and the personality of Hayón. The eclectic and ever-growing collection of furniture expressed Hoffmann’s total approach to interiors and can be used together or singularly as feature pieces.


The Vuelta collection has Hayón’s signature curves. The backrest wraps around the chair becoming voluptuous armrests that envelope the sitter as if in a large embrace, while expertly crafted seam patterns are reminiscent of Hoffmann. Vuelta includes a sofa, loveseat, armchair (above left and middle), highback chair and chaise longue, as well as an elliptical dining table with generously proportioned round wooden legs. Hayon’s Grain Cut Side Table (above left and right) has a similarly sculptural shape turned from a solid block of wood. Its handles make it easy to move and use as a side table for a book, glass of wine or cup of coffee.


The swivelling side wings on the aptly named Wings Bed (above left and right) offer both intimacy and openness, closing to cocoon the user, or opening to create a more expansive sense of space. It has an upholstered headboard and base, and leather-covered nightstands and adjustable LED spotlights affixed to a slender black frame. Similar wing-like forms add playfulness to the Monkey Mirror (above middle), its simple geometries accentuated in bronze or a variety of colours.


The MD Shelf (above middle) and DD Table (above left and right) offer a tactile experience, merging beautiful materials in elegant geometric designs. MD Shelf has silky smooth leather shelves between textured powder-coated metal brackets. It is available in three different heights and a broad spectrum of colours that reflect Hayón’s vibrant world. The DD Tables have leather-covered and marble table tops connected with metal rods. The offset positioning of the rods is reminiscent of some of Hoffmann’s designs, and the tables are available in different diameters, heights, leathers, marbles and metals.


Wittmann has also partnered with the younger generation of designers, including Marco Dessì whose Palais sofa (above left to right) has a familiar elegant aesthetic with expert craftsmanship and comfort. The Palais collection includes different modules, materials and colours that can be combined and configured for individual needs, contexts and rooms.

Award-winning Swedish designer Monica Förster collaborated with Wittmann on the Melange highback lounge chair. It has a velvet-soft leather shell with soft upholstered seating and perfectly executed hand-stitched leather piping.

Wittmann is committed to absolute superiority in its selection of the materials, handcrafted production and meticulous attention to quality control. Like the company that has been passed from generation to generation, Wittman furniture is intended to be passed on, preserving Hoffmann’s design language from the early 1900s.

Wittmann is now available exclusively at DOMO. The collection is on display our seven showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, or viewable online at

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