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The Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 encapsulates the essence of happiness: those moments of calm and empowerment, as well as optimism and luxury. The forecast includes four colour palettes – Comeback, Grounded, Cultivate and Indulge – and we’re delighted to see Ligne Roset’s Bonnie Armchair in red ochre-coloured upholstery in the Comeback photography shoot.

Pictured above: Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 Comeback shoot featuring Ligne Roset Bonnie Armchair

The Comeback colour palette blends contemporary design and vintage style. It reflects our creative and confident desire to express our true selves, and is inspired by the graphic boldness of the Bauhaus, which celebrates its centenary this year. The spectrum of blues and teals, complemented by warm reds and deep yellows, have eclectic and nostalgic charm, and can be layered to create a rich, modern and maximalist aesthetic.

Ligne Roset’s Bonnie armchair, also available in a sofa, is perfect in style and colour for the Comeback palette and attitude. Drawing on the power of complementary colours, the photoshoot places the red-ochre chair in front of an electric-blue-painted fireplace, accentuating the contrast between the two colours and bringing out the best of both.

Pictured above: Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 Comeback shoot featuring Ligne Roset Bonnie Armchair

Bonnie can also be upholstered in colours in match Dulux’s deep-green Amphitrite and rich-purple Misty Grape, as well as many other Comeback hues.

DOMO has a range of other products that fit the confident, creative attitude of the Comeback palette. Ligne Roset’s Ploum settee upholstered to match Dulux Master Blue adds some retro-cool colour, and works beautifully with burgundy, rust and clay, as in Ligne Roset’s rug Memoire d’une Trame Brique. These sunset-inspired colours are also the essence of Dulux’s Indulge palette, which has immersive and opulent hues that embody luxury and reignite romance.

Pictured above: Ligne Roset Ploum Settee, Memoire d’une Trame Bleu Rug and Luna Rossa Pendant Light

As the palette is inspired by colours from the Bauhaus, Arts and Crafts movement, mid-century modernism and the bold 1980s, it is also ideal for combining furniture from different eras in elegant and refined shapes. Wittmann’s Vuelta armchair, designed by Jaime Hayón, has large embracing curves, and the warm, earthy shade of Dulux Red Ochre makes it look even more cosy and comfortable.

Pictured above: Wittmann Vuelta Armchair and Ligne Roset Oxydation Low Table

The Comeback colour palette can be expressed in different materials, such as Ligne Roset’s Oxydation occasional and low tables, which have mottled patterns of greens, blues and ochres that naturally occur through oxidisation. This spectrum of greens is also celebrated in Dulux’s nature-inspired Cultivate palette with colours to nurture, regenerate and inspire.

Pictured above: Ligne Roset Oxydation Occasional and Low Table

Similarly, Ligne Roset’s Luna Rossa pendant lights has a steel shade with patina to bring out warm, earthy colours. The light also works with Dulux’s Grounded palette, which evokes the raw beauty, texture and tactility of natural materials.

Pictured above: Ligne Roset Luna Rossa Pendant Light

For more about what’s trending in colour, visit one of DOMO’s seven showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and view the collection online at www.domo.com.au.

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020
Photographer: Lisa Cohen
Stylist: Bree Leech


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