Leather furniture is an investment and DOMO is committed to ensuring your investment is a good one so whether your interior style is classical, traditional or contemporary, here are our five essential tips to help you choose high-quality leather furniture.

1. Quality counts  

Leather is a durable and flexible material and its quality starts with where the leather is sourced and how it is manufactured. High-quality leather furniture manufacturers are transparent about where and how they source and produce leather being proud of their methods and premium products. Swiss company de Sede sources its leather from Switzerland, southern Germany and Scandinavia where cattle are raised under prestine conditions. It uses only hides without blemishes or scars and meticulously scans them for irregularities to ensure they do not affect the finished piece. Whilst this is reflected in the cost of the leather, the quality and longevity it provides means this investment is one that will be enjoyed and appreciated over many years of use.

2. Age gracefully

The type of leather – full-grain or top-grain – influences how furniture will age and wear. Full-grain leather comes from the hide of the animal just below the hair where the grain pattern is very tight. As the strongest and most durable leather it is the undisputed choice for high-quality furniture and it will age with grace and only look better with time and wear. Duvivier uses only full-grain leathers with little or no pigmentation to optimise the durability of its furniture and to showcase the character, beauty and uniqueness of each hide.

Top-grain leather is the runner up to full-grain leather. For top-grain leather, the top layer of the hide is sanded or buffed to remove imperfections, which gives a more uniform finish but less durable.

3. Beauty is more than skin deep 

It may come as a surprise but what lies underneath the leather is just as important as the leather itself. Foam, filling, padding and springs are critical for comfort, beauty and longevity and DOMO’s range of leather furniture includes the use of high-resistant polyurethane foam, feather, down and feather-wrapped options. Duvivier’s Centquatre sofa offers a blend of newly washed and dusted duck-down feathers for softness and synthetic fibres for resilience; Duresta’s New Plantation Leather Armchair features a duck-feather back cushion and featherlux (Foamcore with duck feather wrap) seat cushion covered in the finest leather.

4. Built from the right stuff

Of course there is no seating without structure and hardwood frames form the foundation of high-quality leather furniture. Hardwoods are resistant to moisture and deformity and an ideal choice for frames that need to be stable, robust and built to last. Duresta uses only hardwoods and even guarantees its hand-assembled frames for 25 years.

5. Perfectly crafted 

High-quality leather furniture is meticulously hand finished and hand stitched for durability, luxury and perfection. This scrupulous attention to detail is certainly evident in de Sede furniture for which the master craftsmen work to exceedingly high and rigorous standards finishing off each piece with exact and elaborate hand stitching.

Supplying only the highest quality of leather furniture DOMO’s diverse and luxurious range is distinct for its superior leather and exceptional craftsmanship.

Drop into your nearest DOMO showroom today to view our leather collections by brands such as Duvivier, de Sede and Duresta.

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