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What do you get when you combine the finest European design with the most efficient manufacturing processes? The answer can be found in HC28, the latest addition to the DOMO collection.

HC28’s contemporary, high-end furniture is the perfect choice for budget-conscious homeowners with an eye for quality and style. This pioneering furniture brand blends the design and manufacture of two cultures: the innovation and creativity of the West and the efficient production, refinement and expertise of the East. The result is a beautiful collection of modern furniture that represents the very best of both worlds.

The company was launched in 2006 and works hand-in-hand with acclaimed international architects and designers – such as Christophe Delcourt, François Champsaur and Masayuki Kurokawa – to create a collection that meets the needs of urban, design-savvy consumers seeking affordable European-designed furniture.

DOMO has recently added an HC28 apartment package to our collection, which consists of furniture designed by award-winning architect, industrial designer and professor Luca Scacchetti. Pieces from HC28’s collection can be configured to meet a variety of design needs and adapted to different environments, including the living room, dining room, bedroom and home office.

DOMO is committed to helping people live beautifully and the addition of HC28 to our collection makes this attainable for budget-conscious homeowners. HC28 is now on display at our showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria or you can view the collection here.

HC28 – Furniture Where East Meets West

This pioneering high-end furniture brand is a unique blend of the Eastern craftsmanship with Western aesthetics. Simply put, HC28 designed furniture offers the best of both worlds. When you choose from HC28’s range of furniture, you will be taking home a combination of true design innovation and a deep commitment to refinement from the east.

For this reason, the HC28 range of European design furniture exemplify genuine comfort and timeless modernity. Being the latest addition to our collection at DOMO, HC28’s contemporary furniture is an ideal choice for budget-conscious homeowners, who keep an eye out for style and quality. Launched in 2006, HC28 engages a team of multinational, world-class furniture designers who redefine contemporary aesthetics with exceptional production qualities.

Urbane Design-Savvy Collection

If you are looking for urbane, design-savvy furniture with a European feel that is affordable too, then you are at the right place. We have recently added HC28 to our apartment package collection. This includes the furniture designed by Luca Scacchetti – a world-class industrial designer, professor and an award-winning architect.

Furniture pieces from our HC28 collection can be easily configured to suit a variety of design settings and can be adapted to different home decor themes. So, whether you are planning to revamp your work space, home or any other setting, you can turn to our European design range to get the best possible look. Committed to helping you live beautifully, at DOMO, we have brought to you this terrific collection at affordable pricing.

Still have enquiries? Just reach out to us quickly over phone – 03 9277 8888. You can either write to us at or take some time to fill our online form. Our professionals will get back to you promptly. After all, we look forward to hear from you!

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Images feature a selection of artwork from Lumas Gallery including Sea # 6 © Wolfgang Uhlig, Archisculpture 30 © Beomisk Won, Red Stripes © Joseph Leombruno & Jack Bodi | Vogue Collection Archive and Above the Fjords © Lukas Dvorak.


    • Jane Novembre

      Hi Sharie, Thank you for your interest in DOMO and in particular the HC28 Sofa’s.

      The sofas come in a number of different Collections as well as 2 Seater, 3 Seater and various Modular Configurations. Therefore, it is difficult to give you a price.

      We have a lovely showroom in North Adelaide (164 O’Connell Street) Ph: 08 8361 7388 of which any of our great staff would be more than happy to show you models on the floor and take you through the range, fabric choices, prices etc.

      I shall have one of them contact you via email.

      Thank you for your interest in DOMO.

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