DOMO is thrilled to announce the latest arrivals from HC28 Cosmopolitan – a collection of sensuous, sophisticated and contemporary furniture and accessories, designed to represent a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

HC28 prides itself as one of the pioneering high-end modern furniture brands, blending eastern essence with western design, to reflect a sense of refined and harmonious modernity. In 2018, HC28 launched the HC28 Cosmopolitan brand and as the name suggests, this range of furniture is a unique re-interpretation of luxury and minimalistic style.

With this new collection, HC28 Cosmopolitan gives you the rare luxury to be able to tailor each item to suit your chosen style or setting. DOMO offers a vast selection of rich fabrics and finishes to achieve your desired look.

Favourites from the range include the Cini Armchair, Rita Wine Cabinet, Barry Sofa and the Gaudi Dining Table.

Barry 3-Seater Sofa

As part of the Barry collection, the Barry 3-Seater Sofa is a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The contemporary and minimal design is characterised by its fluid and smooth lines created by the excellent craftsmanship. Designed by Ximi Li, Barry exudes relaxation, elegance and personality, perfectly suited for a contemporary and artistic space.

The Barry 3-Seater Sofa can be customised on request, with several plush fabrics and leathers available to create your ideal sofa.

Cini Armchair

Designed by Dainelli Studio for HC28 Cosmopolitan, the Cini inherits the flawless proportion of an 18th-century rattan armchair with its metal frame and gorgeous curves. With its all-embracing curved arms and back, the Cini is intimate and presents a visual highlight in any space it inhabits. Cini is customisable, with several luxurious fabrics, leathers and finishes to choose from.

Gaudi Dining Table

With its sculpture-like arched metal base, the Gaudi Dining Table presents an unmatched and luxurious dining experience. Designed by Archirivolto Design, Gaudi draws inspiration from neo-gothic architecture. The idea of its arching metal base comes from the curves in nature, and together they stand gracefully to prop up the table.

The Gaudi Dining Table features a central swivelling tray that is customisable in size and in lacquer or marble. The tabletop is available in Walnut or Stained Oak, and the base is in a mirror stainless steel finish.

Rita Wine Cabinet

Designed by L&L Studio, the Rita cabinet pursues fresh changes in minimalism. Rita features an ornate storage function, divided into exposed and closed parts. Elegant in appearance, the Rita cabinet presents a chic storage addition to any wine connoisseurs’ collection.

The Rita Wine Cabinet is fully customisable upon request. The structure can be requested in both Walnut or Stained Grey Oak, the top features a lacquered tray and mirror and includes an Australian adaptor.

For more information about this collection and customising options, please visit your local DOMO showroom or contact our dedicated and professional showroom personnel here.

DOMO showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia remain open between 10am and 5pm Monday to Saturday and are operating with increased hygiene standards in place.

DOMO showrooms across Victoria are closed due to stage 4 restrictions and are operating via online and phone services only from 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday.  Contactless delivery and collection are still available from our Sandringham Warehouse. Open to trade via strict appointment only.

Explore the HC28 Cosmo collection online now.


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