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Ligne Roset previewed its stunning new collection at Maison&Objet in Paris in January 2019. The collection of modern-luxury pieces is for a design-forward lifestyle and includes seating, tables, decorative objects and textiles.

Ligne Roset is a formidable force in contemporary furniture, holding a firm belief in design innovation and investment. Dating back to 1860, the French furniture brand has its roots in a wood-processing factory established in the Ain province of France. It since continues to keep the French artisanal traditions at its heart, while collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned designers, including Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Didier Gomez and Pascal Mourgue.

Ligne Roset previewed its new collection at Maison&Object with a warm palette of peach, terracotta, ochre, and rich berry tones amidst wood-panelled rooms. Mustard and dark green provided variation in the colour palette, complementing tables and storage units in light, neutral grey.

The previewed 2019 collection includes seating, tables, decorative objects and textiles:


Phileas by Philippe Nigro

An unconventional classic, the Phileas settees and armchairs offer enveloping comfort with a generous form and carefully crafted upholstery. The high and softly sloping backrest provides effective support, its height – not as low as most contemporary sofas – makes it very easy to get in and out of, and the vertical lines in the quilting recall the upholstery of 1950s automobile seats and banquettes from the mythical Orient Express.

Ipanema by Didier Gomez

The sensuality and curves of Didier Gomez’ new settee are inspired by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and the pavements of Ipanema. Soft and enveloping, the sofa is a contemporary interpretation of the glamourous art-deco style.

Uncover by Marie Christine Dorner

As with Marie Christine Dorner’s Cover, Uncover fits like a glove. The ultra-comfortable, all-foam settee is light, compact and moveable. Available with a quilted and embroidered cover produced using an automated sewing robot, with a motif of Dorner’s own design.

Prado by Christian Verner

Christian Verner designed Prado based on the study of lifestyles and human nature. This year he adds two new pieces to the existing collection: a platform with two cushions and two bolsters to create a versatile seat for conversation, working and gaming, and a footrest for stretching out.

Clam by Léo Dubreil & Baptiste Pilato

Clam is the perfect solution for a fabulous-looking, functional settee that converts into a bed. It has an easy-to-operate system that transforms it from cosy cocoon to generous bed, and its wingback-like sides offer relaxation and comfort. 

Astair by Pierre Charpin

Pierre Charpin’s Astair chair references Franco Albini’s Tre Pezzi (“three elements” in Italian) with its independent padded elements arranged around a steel structure. The composition accentuates the structural and formal singularity of each element, and occasional tables with a pedestal base are designed to complement

Myth by Charlotte Juillard

Inspired by the bases of Thonet-type chairs, Myth has decorative arch at the front of the frame. The collection comprises a chair and stool/footrest in strong, saturated colours

Backpack 2 by LucidiPevere

The Backpack seating collection, first introduced in 2017, has an updated look. With smaller dimensions and available in an indoor or outdoor version, Backpack consists of two-seater, armchair and footstool.

Garden Pack by LucidiPevere

Designed to complement the BackPack 2 chair, Garden Pack has a circular tabletop with splayed legs, and is made from charbon-lacquered aluminium, suitable for indoors and out.

Cats by Marie Christine Dorner

Cats is a gorgeous range of four solid-wood, stackable stools, each with a different grooved motif. Milled by a digitally-controlled machine and finished with varnish, the stools are sculptural and appear almost handcrafted.

Yuragi by Junpei & Iori Tamaki

The Yuragi table is at once simple and complex, with the chaotic appearance of the steel structure. Designed for indoors, it has a marble top and in a choice of three finishes and black-lacquered steel base.

Lowlands by Böttcher & Kayser

The Lowlands low table has four overlapping surfaces positioned at graduating heights to create a dynamic rhythm. The elegant geometric form efficiently provides display and storage space.

Everywhere by Christian Werner

Christian Werner added to the Everywhere collection with a hybrid shelving unit and asymmetrical chest. The shelving unit is sober and minimal, and the dark-walnut chest sits to one side with off-centred doors.

Book&Look by Patrice Pagnon & Claude Pelhaître

Book&Look, which first debuted in 2009 and has been progressively added to, now features a number of new innovations expanding its possibilities. This includes a new push-opening system for the doors and decorative, functional niches that enliven the front of the storage units. There is also an exciting range of colours for customising the Book&Look for your style and space.

Canaletto by Mauro Lipparini

Canaletto is a sophisticated and practical modular unit that opens up new possibilities for displaying, showcasing and storing items. Open and closed modules include shelving, drawers and cupboards that can be arranged in staggered compositions.

Clyde by Numéro111

A desk and bedside table expand the existing Clyde range, while retaining its characteristic style of tubular steel structure, marble-effect ceramic stoneware and black-stained oak veneer. The bedside table also features natural walnut and moulded felt and is available with a white-lacquered base for lighter-colour rooms.

Azabu by Marie Christine Dorner

Azabu is a three-in-one product: an occasional table, storage and light. Azabu has a wire-frame structure, a removable lid and globe-shaped, mouth-blown Murano-glass shade that diffuse warm, evenly coloured light.

Vulcain by Jean-Baptiste Vigneron

The carbonised solid-beech body of the Vulcain light evokes the appearance of burnt trees, as if in a lava flow. Using the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, which torches wood to render it waterproof, the body has a savage kind of beauty with a delicate shade on top.

Good Vibes by Ana Moussinet

Good Vibes is a spectacular mirror with decorative frame in varnished, polished solid brass. The multiplication of the frame creates a play between fullness and emptiness, and the illusion of perspective, like mise en abyme. As usual it can be hung either landscape or Portrait.

Arceau by Numéro111

The Arceau hand mirrors are inspired by art deco with simple geometric shapes, smooth curves and a grooved effect on the rear. The large mirror is finished in rouge oxydé (rust) lacquer, and the small mirror is in rouge beige

Wall Jewellery by Jutta Werner

A beautiful piece of decorative and functional art, Wall Jewellery has a succession of bronze-tinted mirrors of varying sizes.

Oxy Fluid / Oxy Drop by Christian Scantamburlo

Oxy Fluid and Oxy Drop fuse design with arts and crafts to create a high-end piece of wall decoration. Each circular panel of oxidised steel is unique with its own texture and ochre tones.

Tasso by Mathieu Delacroix

Tasso is a family of decorative vases that revisit the traditional wood lathe. Each is composed of solid wood blocks, partially finished by hand.

T by Marie Christine Dorner

The T vase is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship made from glass that is blown and then scuffed. The vase is available in three soft, harmonious and easily associable colourways, and may be interlocked to create a compact group.

Artifex by Charlotte Juillard

Artifex is a two-part vase in mouth-blown glass with the lower section a grey-blue stain, and the upper section in peach. The subtlety of the soft tones combines perfectly for an object that is masculine and feminine, solid and poetic, functional and artistic.

Flou by Marie-Aurore Stiker-Metral

Flou is a range of two rugs with a blurred grid-like aesthetic. The flat-woven PET rugs are printed wool and viscose, and available in two colours: marron/vert, foncé (dark) and clair (light).

Tracé by François Azambourg

Tracé is a rug with écru-coloured tufted shaved background and grey-coloured loops. The sketched-out motif appears to barely scrape the surface of the rug, like a mechanical scribble made with the tip of a pencil.

Vibration by Vincent Tordjman

The progressive shades of the Vibration rugs create an optical impression of dynamism, offering a feeling of energy evocative of the diffusion of music within a space. The tufted rug is made from New Zealand and Indian wool and available in two colourways.

Ligne Roset is available exclusively at DOMO. The existing collection is on display at DOMO’s showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria with new collection products expected to arrive mid to late 2019.

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