Furniture with rich, natural colours and sumptuous curves are a beautiful way to add style, comfort and accent to your apartment.

DOMO’s gorgeous range of furniture and accessories can be used together or as standalone feature pieces to transform an apartment into an elegant, luxurious home.

Lounge furniture with rounded forms will bring softness and luxury to a space, and it can carve out a more relaxed living area in an open-plan room. Ligne Roset’s Ploum sofa and Wittmann’s Vuelta armchair have ultra-soft curves that offer supreme comfort, whilst positioning their rounded shapes on an angle, creates a more casual and social living space. The light and neutral colour palette also enhances the sense of space in an apartment and creates harmony in a kitchen, dining and living room.

Ligne Roset’s Togo sofa also has sumptuous, comfortable curves that invite people to sit back and unwind. Designer Michael Ducaroy conceived Togo for afternoon siestas and lazy afternoons, but it is just as perfect for hosting guests, with its low-lying form conducive to relaxed socialising and conversation.

Multi-purpose furniture and accessories are a must-have for optimising space and maximising function in an apartment. de Sede’s DS-80 daybed is ideal for lying back and reading a book, or providing additional seating for family and friends.

Ligne Roset’s Geoffrey mirror is also multi-purpose, offering a tray to place keys and a rail for hanging a scarf or umbrella.

HC28’s Oya dining table and Bola dining chairs are a modern and elegant combination. As with the lounge seating, the rounded forms of the dining chair and table soften the look and are a fresh, timeless design.

A modern and pared-back dining table and chairs helps creates unity and openness in an apartment, which can be discreet and understated amid the lounge and kitchen. Ligne Roset’s Vilna dining table and TV dining chairs have simple, modern lines that complement the architecture and furnishings of the room.

Accessories always add the finishing touch. Vases are an easy way to refresh or personalise a space, as well as providing a vessel for adding greenery and flowers to a room. Ligne Roset’s Propolis vase, Buee Vase and the DOMO Homewares Amber Dome vase are the perfect finish to a room.

For more information about these pieces at DOMO, visit one of our showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, or view the collection online.

Credits: West Melbourne Penthouse and West Melbourne Apartment
Styled by @blend_design
Designed by @jcbarchitects
Built by @sinjengroup
Photo @derek_swalwell

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