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Soft and sensuous forms are continuing to make a shapely statement in Australian homes, appearing on everything from sofas and armchairs, to tables and decorative accessories.

Influenced by the geometry and charm of the 1970s, rounded edges still remain a popular choice when it comes to furniture in 2020. For this reason, we have put together our favourite curvaceous pieces from modern furniture brands, HC28 and HC28 Cosmopolitan, that demonstrate how you can embrace this voluptuous aesthetic in your home.

HC28 prides itself as one of the pioneering high-end modern furniture brands, blending eastern essence with western design to reflect a sense of refined and harmonious modernity. In 2018, HC28 launched the HC28 Cosmopolitan brand and as the name suggests, this range of furniture is a unique re-interpretation of luxury and minimalistic style.

Both brand’s pieces are crafted by a multinational team of world-class furniture designers who share HC28’s passion for contemporary aesthetics and exceptional production.

Scroll on to browse the curvaceous designs from HC28, now in stock at DOMO.


HC28 Cosmopolitan Uovo Upholstered Bed & Anni Bedside Table

Introduce curves to the bedroom with the HC28 Cosmopolitan Uovo Bed and Anni Bedside Table.

Designed by Steve Leung, the Uovo Bed uses fluid and smooth lines to sketch out an advanced metropolitan feel. The curves turn, enclose, bloom and end in ways perfectly controlled to present the finest elegance.

Finish the space with the round shaped HC28 Anni Bedside Table, designed by L.L Studio. The lacquer tabletop and drawers are surrounded by the outer frame in a contrasting timber, giving the bedroom a cosy feeling.


HC28 Bear Armchair

The HC28 Bear Armchair, designed by Santiago Sevillano, evokes a sense of warmth and comfort with its welcoming, rounded design.

Designed with tubular metal edging at its base, Bear finds itself to be very versatile in fitting in various spaces and atmospheres such as living rooms, sitting spaces and bedrooms.

HC28 Bold Console

With its dramatic sculptural elements, balanced by an overall minimalistic and neutral styling, the Bold Console is an eye-catcher. Grouped by cylindrical legs that support a slender tabletop, making for an intriguing and elegant contrast.

Designer Frank Chou’s Bold piece is available in multiple lacquer colours and in a smaller side table size.

For more information about HC28 and HC28 Cosmopolitan, please visit one of our showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, or view the collection online.

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