Grassi modern coffee table

At DOMO we have the privilege to connect with the design obsessed from around the world. We are often asked about modern coffee tables and which iconic style to go with. This does cast a wide net, so to narrow the field… Does a coffee table that is modern, light reflecting, unique and created by an award-winning designer sound alluring? Then meet the HC28 Cosmo Grassi Coffee Table by Sebastian Herkner.

Why is the modern Grassi Coffee Table so unique?

Herkner’s Grassi coffee table is inspired by the amazing quality of craftsmanship showcased in the Grassi Museum in Germany and the glass windows in European cathedrals. The delicate metal window structures mark a solid contrast against opaque glass – and this is captured ingeniously with the modern Grassi coffee table.

Grassi Museum Germany 

A true pinnacle of architectural design, the geometric glass cuttings of lines reflect light in a fascinating way. When placed in sunlight, the modern Grassi coffee table refracts light artistically as the living room becomes a mixture of reality and illusion.

Grassi modern coffee table

A gifted German design talent, Sebastian Herkner finds design inspiration in travel, people, places and ordinary objects. Herkner’s designs have received numerous prizes and accolades. In 2019 he was named Maison & Objet’s Designer of the Year.

Sebastian Herkner modern Grassi Coffe Table

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