DOMO is excited to share that Wittmann’s timeless furniture is now available in a new range of upholstery options!



Wittmann’s new collections of fabrics and materials made their debut at this year’s IMM Cologne. The new materials include textured and woven fabrics, high-quality leathers and luxurious velvets, in a range of timeless and on trend colours.



Wittmann’s fabric collection is comprised of over 300 different materials of high quality, in terms of both their design and wear. The new fabrics have proved that 2020 is all about warmth and cosiness, with tactile characterised forms and functionality.



Many of these new fabrics highlight the importance of touch with their textured forms and woven patterns. At Wittmann, the materials used and the method of weaving all have an influence on the ‘feel’ and durability of the textiles. All of Wittmann’s fabrics undergo an abrasion test to ensure high quality.



Using only the finest materials available, Wittmann’s collection of new leathers are pleasant to the touch, luxuriously soft on the skin and breathe and age well. The leather used comes from the large hides taken from European cattle, which is then prepared in different ways to suit the piece’s intended use.



Wittmann’s vast range of upholstery materials and colours allow for complete customisation that convey a strong sense of individuality, aesthetics and unfettered joy in creating something truly special.



We look forward to offering these new materials in our DOMO showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.



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