DOMO’s latest collections by RODA are smart and sophisticated and designed to stand the test of time.

The beauty of modern outdoor furniture is its ability to bring the elegance and quality of interior furnishings to outside living spaces, making them as comfortable and luxurious as their interior counterparts. In fitting with the Australian lifestyle, Italian-manufacturer RODA approaches outdoor space as a valuable extension of indoor space and believes it should be furnished with the same attention.

As RODA’s collection of furniture seamlessly transitions between interior and exterior space, two of its sofas reinterpret the traditional indoor sofa for outdoor use. The Dandy Modular Sofa is a revolutionary new outdoor system that evokes all the intimacy and familiarity of a textile sofa with plump geometric volumes, a low-rise back and extended seat. The Dandy marks a new wave in outdoor furniture being composed of RODA’s “total outdoor technology” multi-layered upholstery. Wrapped in a removable three-dimensional net skin, the high-performance upholstery is drainable, breathable and weather resistant and allows the sofa to remain outdoors even during the harshest conditions.

RODA’s latest collection Double, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, also makes uses of the same high-technology upholstery with a three-dimensional mesh-like skin that may be left exposed or covered in a wide selection of exterior fabrics. The Double has a high-sided form that creates a relaxing and encompassing environment for the sitter, and its decorative details, such as stitching and buttons, bring the spirit of a classic indoor sofa to outdoor lounging.

Other seating solutions include the Network Lounge Seating which is distinctive for its laid-back form and teak frame that plays with angles and negative space; Spool sofas and chaise longue with a tubular frame and woven-cord support; and the NAP Lounge Chair with well-defined lines, weighty forms and plump cushions.

TEKA is a new living and dining collection by RODA that highlights the expressive and durable nature of teak, a material that features strongly in RODA’s production. The elegant collection of tables has a sense of lightness with a teak structure, prism-shaped geometric construction, and glaze finishes in stone, ice, jade and water. Also for outdoor dining, the Harp Dining Chair offers a contemporary version of the classic string chair with a continuous tubular steel structure softened by woven panel supports; and Gordon Guillaumier’s Spinnaker Extension Dining Table has a bold and modern form that can comfortably accommodate up to 12 people.

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