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Sebastian Herkner joined us for the launch of Wittmann at DOMO where he also presented his designs for Pulpo and Edition Van Treeck. Herkner’s approach fuses tradition with creativity, and new technology with craftsmanship. He has a flair for colour and textures, and sensitively emphasises material and detail in his work.

Stellar Grape Floor Lamp for Pulpo
A bunch of grapes provided the inspiration for Herkner’s Stellar Grape floor lamp. The whimsical lamp has a cluster of 13 spherical glass shades that diffuse a soft and ambient glow.

Each handblown shade is half frosted glass and half rippled waves, creating hazy transparencies, texture and detail. The stand is discreet in black steel to maintain attention on the cluster of globes.

Stellar Grape Floor Lamp is available with transparent or smoky-grey shades and a limestone base.

Bent Floor Lamp for Pulpo
Herkner designed the Bent Floor Lamp inspired by a trip to Veneto in Italy where he visited a glass-casting and bending company. The sculptural lamp has a large lampshade that wrap fluidly around a metal pole.

Each shade has fluted panels cast into flared and curved shapes. The linear pattern on the interior surface creates a shield that spreads the LED light across the glass, illuminating even the darkest corners.

Bent Floor Lamp is available with transparent or champagne-coloured shades and black steel frame and base.

Pastille Table for Edition van Treeck
Drops of coloured glass overlap and melt into one another in Herkner’s Pastille Table. The designer found inspiration in the glass-fusing technique, through which the contours of the perfectly cut glass circles are blurred, and the strong colours fade to delicate shades. New colours are created as they melt into each other, and softly coloured shadows are cast on the floor.

Pastille Table is available in three colour combinations, with tonal palettes of red, grey and green/grey. The table comes in three sizes and has a nickel-plate metal base.

View Herkner’s designs for Pulpo and Edition van Treeck online or in one of the DOMO showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

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