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Danish furniture manufacturer, Sika Design, is best known for its handmade rattan furniture that not only boasts impeccable design, but provides comfort, quality, and uses only the best sustainable materials.

Ankjær Andreasen founded Sika Designs in the Danish city of Horsens in 1940 and named the company after sika deer which are light and elegant — just like the brand’s designs.

The company expanded and evolved from wicker baskets into furniture in the 1950s and 1960s and engaged the best wicker makers in Denmark — along with leading designers including Arne Jacobsen, Viggo Boesen and Robert Wengler — to perfect the art of rattan furniture.

It’s latest collection, Loom Living, could be its most celebrated to date thanks to its fresh pastel colour palette, contemporary designs and use of millennial pink like we’ve never seen it before.

Loom is the name of a unique woven material, which consists of a twisted Kraft paper that is partly reinforced with steel wire. The production itself is a very unique process, and can be compared to weaving big rugs. The Loom range is similar to the brand’s fine, traditional hand-crafted rattan furniture. It is smooth to touch, doesn’t bend, distort or creak when used and is remarkably durable.

The extensive collection could feature throughout your entire home thanks to its range of sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, footstools, coffee tables and drinks trolleys.

See the beautiful new collection below.

Pictured: Ofelia Bistro Chair.

Pictured: Olivia Chaise Lounge and Suzy Side Table both in Light Grey.

Pictured: James Drinks Trolley in Sand. 

Pictured: Charlotte Chair, Charlotte Sofa and Dawn Footstool all in Salvie Green. 

Pictured: Charlotte Chair and Charlotte Sofa in Light Grey.

Visit DOMO or your nearest showroom to shop the new collection. 

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