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Decorators, rejoice, because a brand new homewares offering has just landed and we predict it will inspire an interior — and exterior — makeover.

The new product offering includes glassware and outdoor cushions which boast the same shopping-inducing qualities as the existing DOMO Homewares collection — they’re on-trend, yet timeless, great quality and affordable.

The carefully curated items are sourced from exclusive suppliers and artisans around the world by DOMO’s in-house styling and design team and are chosen with the intention to turn your house into a home filled with style and personality.

See below a sneak peek of the new products.

The outdoor cushion range is made from Sunbrella fabric — the international leader in the manufacture of outdoor fabrics and offer fabrics that are strong, durable and resistant to fading.

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Fishnet Broadwater outdoor cushion (left), $185 and Palm Paisley Sapphire outdoor cushion (third from left) $165.

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Peacock Morganite outdoor cushion (second from left), $215 and Flamingo Morganite outdoor cushion (third from left), $180.

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Marrakesh Onyx outdoor cushion (second from right), $195 and Garland Onyx outdoor cushion (third from right), $175.

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Marrakesh Emerald outdoor cushion (left), $195 and Garland Emerald outdoor cushion (middle), $175. 

See the entire range here.

The DOMO Homewares glassware collection features an elegant selection of vases, candle holders, jars and wine coolers that are destined to become family heirlooms.

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Eva Vase (left), $125; Casablanca Vase (second from left), $195; Shaken not Stirred Vase (third from right), $250; Betty Grable Vase (second from right), $150 and Grace Vase (right), $125. 

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Smoked Ribbed Vase, $150 (small) and $195 (large). 

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Mickey Vase, $275 (small) and $450 (large). 

Pictured: DOMO Homewares Greer Lollijars, $65 (small) and $95 (large). 

See the entire collection here and shop the DOMO Homewares Collection now with Click and Collect.

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