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Lighting can enhance the look and feel of home and is often the unsung hero in a room. Our guide to ambient, accent and task lighting will ensure you enjoy both the practical and aesthetic so you can live in the perfect light.

Ambient light

Ambient light is the general illumination of a room that allows you to move around safely and can be used to add atmosphere and warmth to a space. Recessed lighting, track lighting and wall-mounted fixtures can provide ambient light, as can pendants, floor and table lamps.

Pictured above: Ligne Roset Chrome Bell Suspended Lights

Ligne Roset’s lighting fixtures are perfect for providing ambient light over the dining table. The Chrome Bell and Brass Bell suspended lights have a sleek design that suits a variety of styles from classical to contemporary. The Parachute pendant made with steel wire not only provides ambient light but is also a beautiful sculpture.

A floor lamp, such as Ligne Roset’s Baroque, placed next to a sofa or armchair provides ambient light in the living room and also helps with reading and other activities, while Sebastian Herkner’s Bent floor lamp for Pulpo can be used to illuminate dark corners.

Pictured above left to right: DOMO Lighting Sapphire Table Lamp, Ligne Roset Car Light and DOMO Lighting Stack Table Lamp

The DOMO Lighting Collection strikes the perfect balance between decoration and luminosity in the bedroom. For rich but subtle colour, the Sapphire table lamp has a tulip-like base in deep blue, and the Stack table lamp highlights the natural colour and characteristic veining of marble. Ligne Roset’s Car Light is inspired by vehicle headlights and has surface relief on its dome shape, projecting a light halo the bedside surface.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight a focal point, such as an artwork, decorative object or architectural element, or even to highlight the lighting fixture itself as a statement piece.

Pictured above left to right: DOMO Lighting Alabaster Table Lamp and DOMO Lighting Modernist Table Lamp

An accent light in the entry or hallway can set the tone for a house. For a more traditional-style house, Alabaster in the DOMO Lighting Collection has alabaster panels that glow under the light. For a more contemporary choice, the Modernist has clean and crisp geometric lines with black and metallic conical shades.

Ligne Roset’s Bloom and Calicot pendants will also draw attention. Bloom has a series of organic circular shapes made with sculpted foam, and Calicot has a classical shade with a fluted, shell-like form.

Pictured above left to right: Ligne Roset Chica Boum Numéro111 Light and Ligne Roset Jali Table Lamp

A decorative table lamp can add accent lighting to a sideboard in the lounge or dining room. Ligne Roset’s Chica-Boum suits any interior style. The intricate shadow cast by the Jali lamp brings another layer of artistry to the light, and the Ondule has an undulating silhouette that snakes up, down and around to double as a book holder.

Task Lighting

While task lights are extremely functional, providing illumination for particular activities, such as reading, writing or cooking, there’s certainly no lack of decorative appeal.

Pictured above left to right: Ligne Roset Bul Floor Lamp, Ligne Roset Solveig Floor Lamp and Ligne Roset Cinétique Floor Lamp

A floor lamp with an arcing stem provides both task and ambient light in the living room. Ligne Roset’s Bul floor lamp is one of our most popular lamps, and its versatility allows for different heights and angles of the shade. The Solveig floor lamp has a glossy white reflector shade that can be angled to modulate the direction and intensity of light, and the Cinétique lamp also enables multiple light source positions and orientations for reading.

A long pendant light or multiple pendants over the kitchen island will provide task lighting for food preparation and cooking, or for homework, study or work at the kitchen island. Ligne Roset’s Trepied has five lamps that can be positioned and oriented along the length of the pole, while Bonbonne has a sense of lightness due to its clear and fluid glass form.

For a desk light in the study or home office, the Anne is a height-adjustable table lamp with a form that represents the shape of bub. The Sitar is an elegant lamp with sinuous form and brilliant-black shade.

For more information about ambient, accent or task lighting and choosing lighting fixtures, speak to a DOMO consultant at one of our showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, or view the collection online.

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