How To: Rattan Furniture Care

Rattan furniture care is easy. So, it is no surprise that rattan décor makes a delightfully stylish and low maintenance addition to any home. Resistant to heat, cold and temperature fluctuations, it will look good for years if kept clean and out of direct sunlight.


How to clean rattan furniture

1. Brush rattan furniture regularly with a dry medium-bristle brush to remove dirt build-up from between the reed strands. In fact, a vegetable cleaning brush works well.

2. If rattan furniture becomes very dirty or you need to spot clean stains, use a mild detergent or furniture cleaner.


Rattan furniture care tips

Try these helpful tips to help maintain your rattan furniture:

• Regularly dust and wipe over rattan with a clean damp cotton cloth.

• Do not use chemical products containing silicon ingredients.

• When moving your rattan furniture, always lift – do not drag it along the ground.

• Do not put hot surfaces in direct contact with rattan.

• Always use a table mat or coaster.


However, take care of getting rattan wet!

Although rattan furniture can withstand moisture to a certain extent, it will become limp, loose or saggy with too much water. Rattan tends to resume its usual size and shape when it dries. However, if too much water has been used to clean rattan furniture, the strands of reed may be disturbed and then remain distorted after drying.




How to care for rattan furniture outdoors

Rattan furniture is sometimes recommended for outdoor use, however if left outdoors it will deteriorate over time depending on exposure to the elements.

If you desire an outdoor rattan-look setting, we recommend that you purchase a synthetic woven rattan-look product. These kinds of poly-rattan outdoor furniture settings are very durable and withstand harsh weather conditions and prolonged exposure outdoors.

View outdoor rattan-effect furniture here.

View the care guide for poly-rattan outdoor furniture here.

Rattan furniture has a natural and timeless appeal and suits living, dining and bedroom settings around the home. Visit your local DOMO showroom to discover the Sika Design collection of Danish rattan furniture designed by icons of design, such as Nana Dietzel, Arne Jacobson Franca Helg and more. Shop rattan indoor furniture here.