8 luxury brands to suit your contemporary lifestyle

When searching for quality high-end furniture, it is vital to source from trusted brands. DOMO’s collection of indoor living furniture is in a class of its own, with an exclusive and diverse range of contemporary, classic and attainable luxury pieces to suit your style and lifestyle.

While each brand is unique in its design, originality and vision, they are unified by their exceptional quality, coveted style and artisan craftsmanship. So not only will they suit your style and lifestyle, but they are an investment that will only get better with age. Moreover, furniture from DOMO’s brands can be placed individually or curated together to create beautiful and unique settings tailored for any home.


Pulpo is renowned for its whimsical, handcrafted lights, furniture and accessories that are always an artistic adventure and set the company apart. Mastering the art of perfect imperfection, Pulpo combines art and design in it approach to products, utilising glassblowing and ceramic techniques. DOMO stocks a curated selection of Pulpo’s best-selling lighting and furniture, which can be customised to suit an interior style and setting.

Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset is a longstanding favourite at DOMO. It firmly believes in innovation, investment and creativity, and collaborates with dynamic designers to craft versatile and desirable pieces for today’s modern lifestyle. Ligne Roset furniture not only brings contemporary beauty into the home, but its pieces help define and shape a space and lifestyle.

De Sede

Considered the Rolls Royce of the furniture industry, de Sede’s sculptural, sophisticated leather furniture takes a modernist leaning. The handcrafted seating is some of the world’s most sought after, having a strong presence in a room, and expressing an appreciation for detail and high-calibre design and production. Each piece of leather is closely examined to ensure a flawless outcome, and products are finished to exceedingly high and rigorous standards with exact and elaborate hand stitching.


Wittmann produces sophisticated, handcrafted furniture that harks back to the origins of early modernist design. Pieces are defined by their fluid, elegant lines, and the comfort and quality. Partnering with today’s great European designers such as Jaime Hayón and Sebastien Herkner, Wittmann offers an eclectic and ever-growing range of furniture that showcases the designers’ flair for colour, materials and texture.


Duvivier is a true heritage brand that continues to pay homage to its origins as a saddlery. Its seating is made with full grain and pigmented leathers that age gracefully and develop more character with time and wear. Duvivier uses sustainable and natural materials,constantly improving its production methods with respect to the environment and individuals and promoting eco-friendly consumption.

Sika Design

Sika Design is one of the oldest and largest producers of rattan furniture, which serve as beautiful accent pieces that outlast generations. With an emphasis on comfort, quality, design and sustainability, Sika furniture is light and elegant – like the Sika deer, for which the company is named. With free-flowing organic lines, the pieces bring a sophisticated garden-party aesthetic indoors.


Reconfigurable and multi-purpose furniture has become a must-have for the urban lifestyle, and HC28 | Cosmo has developed a stellar reputation for affordable and contemporary high-end furniture. Combining fine European design with efficient manufacturing, HC28 | Cosmo offers luxury indoor furniture in fresh, minimalist and modern style with any compromise on quality.

Arte Brotto

Arte Brotto delicately balances history and innovation, producing handcrafted wooden furniture inspired by classic Italian design. The antique-style furniture straddles the line between traditional and contemporary, and designed with such artistry that every piece sits effortlessly in a classical, modern or eclectic setting. Customised handles, forged iron details, intricate inlays and subtle timber and painted finishes are used in such a way they complement other styles of furniture and lighting while being beautifully striking in their own right.

DOMO’s extensive collection offers the highest quality furniture, lighting and accessories to suit your style and lifestyle. With four decades of experience in the industry, DOMO carefully selects every piece in its collection to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of the Australian market.

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