Spotlight On: Interior Designer, Charlotte McGill

Whether following her passion for interior architecture, delivering award-winning projects or appreciating sculptural forms, Charlotte McGill’s love of design is infectious. Charlotte, Director at MIM Design, reveals to us which vintage design pieces she loves most and how sometimes the very best antidote to a busy day is a delicious Chocolate Royale.

How would you describe your interior/architectural style?
Stylistically I’d describe myself as a contemporary chameleon; I like to pick up on the character of the building and the people who live there to help define the conceptual language.

Who is an architect that inspires you?
I have always admired David Chipperfield’s work. His aesthetic is refined and architectural with bold statements of proportion and materiality.

Name 3 essential elements of any home?
Aspect, height and personality.

Image credit: @timothykaye

What current interior/architectural trend do you like?
I avoid trends… they never last. However, I do love sculptural forms. Whether it be a stone detail, a handle or furniture piece. It can transform a space, or at the very least create a sense of quirk, tactility and interest.

What is your favourite piece of DOMO furniture?
Wow how to choose just one? I adore the de Sede DS-1025 Terrazza Sofa by Ubald Klug. So simply mad yet luxurious, you can’t help but be drawn in by its quirky charms.

Name a project you have recently worked on and why it is unique?
We recently completed Armadale Residences. I love this project; not only for its refined detailing, grand proportions and sumptuous materials, but for the evocative vignettes; carefully curated by steel framed doors and thoughtful interior planning. Every room exudes quality and character… it’s truly special.

Image credit: @timothykaye

What is the oldest piece of furniture in your home?
My T5 Dining Chairs by Rodney Kinsman from 1960.

Image credit: Design Market

And what is the most recent addition?
My custom size Pebble Dining table by Made Studio.

When you indulge, what is your guilty pleasure?
Eating Chocolate Royales on a fluffy pink chair! I have a true obsession with fluffy furniture… and chocolate bickies, always have!

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