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The medieval times produced many legendary characters – from Joan of Arc to Geoffrey Chaucer, William the Conqueror and that great Scot, William Wallace. Our Medieval Collection of homewares pays homage to this influential period of history and its classic aesthetic.

DOMO homewares collections are sourced from exclusive suppliers and artisans around the world.  Every year, our in-house styling and design team attend the most prestigious international trade fairs to source and spot the latest interior trends.

Inspired by the aesthetic of medieval times, our new Medieval Collection features a range of accessories that also reflect the great strength of craftsmanship from the period.

The Dragon Slayer Tray conjures up the legend of King Arthur and is available in two sizes with a raw silver finish.

Medieval Scottish revolutionary William Wallace has been the subject of many literary works – and even an Academy Award winning film, Braveheart. Our Braveheart wine cooler has generous proportions so you can cool enough wine and champagne for a knight’s table.

Our Ladyhawke candelabras are named after another medieval-inspired film from the 1980s. Available in a raw silver finish in two sizes, they bring old world elegance to any setting.

The medieval period was a time of great legends that continue to inspire today. Our new accessories collection brings elements of the era to the modern world of homeware design.

Explore the DOMO homewares collection here.

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