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Cushions are the perfect way to finish a room, adding colour, ambience, warmth and comfort. Don’t fret about rules, when it comes to accessorising with cushions you can follow your own; odd numbers, even numbers, textures, colours, patterns, whether you plump, chop, mix and match, put them on chairs, couches, beds, use them inside or out, scatter them or pile them up in the morning and throw them off before bed. Cushions are a cost effective and simple way to experiment with new a new interior look.

If surrounding yourself with flowers is just what you need to feel the beauty of outside inside, we have a great floral selection from Designer Guild. You can guarantee a perfect mix of colour, pattern, detail, and opulent fabric selection. Here we have the classically romantic Aubriet Fuchsia 70471 custom order cushion, The bold contemporary Christian Lacroix reversible cushion, or this happy mix of both with the Josephine Ruglisse 70465


If a more subdued palette is required, you can never go wrong with monochrome. It’s so versatile and this range of Greg Natale cushions will inject life wherever they are used and prove black and white is far from bland. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering patterns like these, from left to right, the playful geometric treillis cushion, taking it’s inspiration from nature the Malachite cushion feels alive with movement, and finally, the Paint cushion shares a more organic edginess.


Feeling in the mood for a single hue? Sprinkling a single base colour is striking. The following cushions are from Oia Objet D’Interior and are both chic and offbeat, and all finished in flush velvet and build on layering tone, mood and texture. As it’s name suggests the regal blue 222 Fleurs-Baroques has a baroque feel,  the 210 Madone Bleue cushion has a dreamy fairytale quality with it’s whimsical illustration and the 223 Carreaux De Ciments Bleus is just the perfect blue.



Get a little wild and play with pattern and plain, a thematic selection can be mixed with a single colour. If you love animals, like us, an animal theme is perfect. Here we’ve picked out the dusty pink of the 264 Collection Maison De Champagne by Oia Objet D’Interior to bring together the Jungle King Opiat cushion and the Issoria Zinc cushion, both by Designers Guild



You can view our cushion collection here


    • Jane Novembre

      Dear Isabella, I have reviewed the blog reference in relation to “Get Comfortable Here’s our Cushion Advice. Can you advise which cushion in particular you are referring to, so we are better able to support your request. We have a large selection of cushions of which each DOMO showroom has differing selections if you could advise your preferred showroom I can also check what they have on display.

      Yours sincerely

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