Milan Design Week Tips

This quick kit of Milan Design Week tips will help make your stay for Salone del Mobile easy. From how to get around, to what to wear, we reveal the ride share apps, the Milan metro journey planner, through to the key places to eat.

DOMO joins the multitude of design buffs and buyers who trek to Milan annually, so our essential tips are tried and tested for a smooth visit.


What to wear to Milan Design Week

For Milan Design Week wear flat comfortable shoes, dress in layers and taking a light raincoat or folding umbrella is a good idea.

✔️ Comfortable, flat shoes because of cobblestones and lots of walking. Dress in layers.

✔️ It’s spring in Milan which means in April expect 17 – 21 degrees Celsius during the daytime, with night time temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius or less.

✔️ On average, there are 8 rainy days in April, so if you have room in your suitcase take a raincoat or foldable umbrella.

✔️ When at Salone del Mobile and other events around the city, some exhibition areas are heated, others less so. So again, layers are your friend.

Photo by Vitaliy Zamedyanskiy on Unsplash


The best way to get around in Milan

During design week, get around Milan on public transport and by foot with the odd ride share trip when you feel tired.

✔️ The Milan metro is a quick and affordable way to get around Milan. Explore the Milan ATM journey planner so you can plan your trips. Check you have the correct ticket and connections.

✔️ Uber is limited in Milan and pricey, with only Uber Black, Uber Lux and Uber Van services available.

✔️ We recommend using the ride share apps FreeNow or ItTaxi to manage short to medium trips around Milan.

✔️ It can be tricky to get a cab in Milan. Your best bet is to have your hotel hail a taxi on your behalf, as you can’t hail taxis easily from the street. Usually taxis won’t stop unless pre-booked to a destination, or at designated taxi ranks where you can line up.

✔️ Walking really is a great way to get around depending on the location of your accommodation and distance to events.

Photo by Mikita Yo on Unsplash


Nice places to eat in Milan

For foodies, eating in Milan is a delight! Explore these eateries for reliable, delicious food and drinks:

✔️ For a unique cafe: Bar Luce is a Wes Anderson inspired café.

✔️ For lunch or dinner: Giacomo Bistro for authentic Milanese cuisine and a moody setting.

✔️ For gelato: Terra Gelato for artisanal ice cream and authentic flavours by Massimo Grosso.

✔️ For pastries: Marchesi 1824 is a renowned 200-year-old pastry shop.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Photo by Milosz Roman on Unsplash


Whether heading to Italy for a short or long stay, these Milan Design Week tips offer a practical guide to make the most of your visit.

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