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The DOMO Lighting Collection has further expanded, following the success of 2018 the in-house range of lighting, that strikes the perfect balance between decoration and luminosity has increased. Of exceptional quality and design, the collection features marble, ceramic polished brass and nickel with classic and modern forms to suit traditional and contemporary homes. As autumn approaches and the days get shorter, DOMO’s ceiling, floor and table lamps will bring both light and beauty into your home.

The DOMO Lighting Collection includes a stunning range of sophisticated and elegant table lamps that look beautiful on formal tables, side tables and sideboards. The
Axe table lamp (bottom left) has a textured light shade and a bronze stem wrapped in marble, while the Chrysler lamp (bottom right) is similarly marble and bronze but with a more rectilinear form.

For rich but subtle colour, the Sapphire table lamp (bottom left) has a tulip-like base in deep blue, and the Stack table lamp (bottom right) highlights the natural colour and characteristic veining of marble by stacking a sculpted marble block between solid white marble and a white shade.

Like Sapphire and Stack, the collection includes lamps that are decorative and sculptural. The Hampton table lamp has a round ceramic base with a ribbed surface that creates contrast, shadow and shine when illuminated from above. The Malibu table lamp has a crystal base with metal stand wrapped in woven-like ceramic, and the Quarry table lamp has a grey and textured marble base with nickel stand and grey shade. The beauty and texture of this natural stone comes to the fore when illuminated by the bulb. Studio 54 collection is a fun and eclectic collection with a table lamp and dual floor lamp with palm-tree-like shades made from polished brass and nickel.

Above – Top Left Hampton Table Lamp, Top Right Malibu Table Lamp, Bottom Left Quarry Table Lamp, Bottom Right Studio 54 Table Lamp

For a sophisticated, traditional ceiling lamp, Alabaster (below left) is suspended from a metal chain, and has alabaster panels held within metal frame; their soft colour and subtle patterning glowing under the light.

For a modern, contemporary choice, the Modernist collection (above right) includes ceiling, floor, table and wall lamps. Each has clean and crisp geometric lines with slim stems and conical shades that are black on the outside and metallic on the inside. The lamps can be used individually or as collection throughout a room.

DOMO’s affordable range of lighting is hand selected by DOMO’s in-house team of interior designers and stylists to complement a diverse range of furniture and homes. The range is on display at DOMO’s showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and viewable online at

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