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The Venetians are certainly known for their glassmaking tradition, but the artistic freedom and experimentation in modern glassmaking – as a decorative object – developed in the 1960s and 1970s. Glass was unexplored territory and artists experimented with shapes, colours, techniques and surface treatments, the results of which are evident in contemporary glass of today.

Glass embodies lightness, both in transparency and weight. It reflects light and images and has shifting light effects throughout the day. Our DOME Vase has crystal clear transparency, and bronze tones that lighten and deepen depending on background and time of day.

Frosted glass on the Jelly Fish Vase gives a weightier appearance, and the brilliant and luminous blue lines ripple the length of the vase, which is available in a taller and shorter version. With or without flowers or foliage, this vase is an elegant and eye-catching choice.

Vases with more understated and lighter colours retain the transparency of the glass, and as in our TEAR Drop Vase, and reveal other qualities of the glassmaking process that make the material unique. The light pink and deep grey are a strong contrast and evoke a Japanese aesthetic, and a floral and branch arrangement adds to the sculptural quality of vase.

Patterning can give glass a more solid appearance and, as in the case of our Shadow Vase, a metallic glimmer. In both a taller and shorter version, the vase is bold and dramatic and can be used to hold flowers or be a purely decorative object on its own.

These glass pieces are part of DOMO Homewares Collection, an in-house range of affordable accessories handpicked by the DOMO team. Every year the team travels to Italy, France and other countries in Europe and Asia to search for accessories that appeal to the Australian market and lifestyle. The high quality, elegant and out-of-the-ordinary design collection is regularly updated and constantly evolving as pieces are chosen based on classic and contemporary design trends.

DOMO specifically selects these pieces to add the finishing touch to any residential space. With click and collect, pieces can be viewed and purchased online and picked up at one of DOMO’s seven showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria within 7 to 14 days.

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