How to Care for Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture care needn’t be onerous. The very best way to care for outdoor furniture is to purchase quality furniture to begin with and then to maintain it regularly – depending on its fabrication. Some surfaces are maintenance free, while others require little maintenance at all. Then, simply store items away, or cover them, at the end of each season.

This outdoor furniture care guide will cover: polyrattan, powder coated aluminium and stainless-steel, stone, galvanised metal, and teak outdoor furniture. Plus, caring for cushions and fabrics, along with general outdoor furniture care tips.


Polyrattan Outdoor Furniture Care

Quality polyrattan furniture imitates the look of ‘natural rattan’ furniture. While natural rattan is suitable for interior use, polyrattan weather-resistant fibre can withstand outdoor weather conditions. Suitable for the garden, terrace or balcony, polyrattan not only braves the cold, heat, rain and snow, it is also resistant to pool and seawater.

To clean Polyrattan weather resistant fibre, use a soft cloth and warm water, and a gentle cleanser if needed. Do not use alcohol and other solvents to clean Polyrattan because damage and discolouration of the surface can occur. A high-pressure water-washer is also very effective soap free way to care for polyrattan.


How to Care for Powder Coated Aluminium and Stainless-Steel Outdoor Furniture

Powder coating adds colour and protection to a metal surface. The surface is covered with a dry powder and then baked. The result is a uniformly coloured and hardened surface. Not only does powder coating provide resistance against marking and scratching, it ensures an easy-clean surface.

Powder coated aluminium and stainless-steel frames and surfaces may be cleaned with fresh lukewarm water, or if necessary, pH-neutral or slightly alkaline cleaning agents. After cleaning, rinse with fresh water. Heavily soiled parts (caused by grease, oil, soot, adhesive residual, etc.) can be cleaned using turpentine or isopropyl alcohol (IPA). It is recommended to avoid using other chemical cleaning agents, high pressure cleaners or abrasive cleaning products.


Outdoor Furniture Care of Stone

Strong and durable, stone is generally very low maintenance and suitable in almost all climactic conditions. For normal cleaning of stone use a water-soaked cloth. Do not use minerals, solvents, alcohol or oil-based products.


Care of Galvanised Metal Outdoor Furniture

Galvanised metal furniture is coated in durable and long-lasting zinc oxide. This ensures longevity and minimal maintenance when an outdoor furniture piece is exposed to the elements.

DOMO’s metal furniture is galvanised before undergoing four individual paint-finishing processes. This creates an aged look to the metal. After prolonged damp periods, superficial rust stains may appear on the surface. These stains may be easily removed with a cloth and will not affect the structural durability, stability or use of the item. Whilst every care is taken in the various steps of production, the intricacy of the design at times may inhibit absolute total protective coverage of metal surfaces.

Furniture should be cleaned regularly using warm soapy water. No chemicals are to be used whatsoever, especially any cleaning agents using solvents.


Outdoor Teak Furniture Care

Teak is renowned for its beauty and durability. When kept outdoors the unique ‘silver’ patina of teak will develop quickly. Before your teak furniture is installed, decide how you would like the timber to age. Will you work to maintain the existing ‘new’ colour of the timber or allow it to age gracefully over time?

Despite its hard-wearing nature, there are a few simple steps to ensure your teak looks its very best.

View our detailed teak outdoor furniture care guide here.


How to Clean Outdoor Cushions and Fabrics

Outdoor cushions create great comfort, however caring for them regularly will help slow ageing. Outdoor fabrics are designed to withstand the sun, rain and repel stains, but even so, the best way to extend the life of cushions is by storing them in a cool, dry place indoors (or undercover) when not in use. In case of serious soils or spills we recommend you contact a specialist cleaning company immediately.


General Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

1. When installed within 1km of a coastline, outdoor furniture should be washed or hosed down regularly. Ideally, with fresh water (and preferably scrubbed with warm soapy water) at least once a month.

2. It is not recommend that upholstery and cushions be left outdoors for excessive periods. Cushions will soil and can deteriorate prematurely if left outside continuously.

Why Outdoor Furniture Care is Important

Any outdoor furniture left exposed to the climate full-time will deteriorate gradually. However, taking a little time to care and maintain your outdoor furniture will help extend its lifespan. Keeping pieces clean, and covering them at the end of the season, will help slow the ageing process and help keep your furniture at its best.


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