Outdoor Inspiration

From weekend barbecues to chilled-out afternoons relaxing in the sunshine, your outdoor area is where all the fun happens. A few clever styling touches is all it takes to elevate your outdoor area to something truly special – read on to learn how.

1- Add comfortable seating

Pictured Above: Kun Design Banyan tree dining chair with Lotus Cafe Table.

Comfort is always crucial! Choose key pieces to accommodate the space and seek out sofas and dining chairs with generous seats, armrests and comfortable cushions. Ensure upholstery will cope with the sun’s harsh rays and any sudden downpours by choosing styles in hardy outdoor fabrics with quick-dry cushioned inserts. The Kun Design setting pictured above is ideal for a small balcony or courtyard (colours can be customised to your aesthetic) and this allows you to create a cosy dining spot in an on-trend look.

2- Create indoor-outdoor flow

Pictured Above: Sika Design Natural Exterior Belladonna Sofa & Ottomans.

Create the ambiance of your outdoor area flowing naturally from your interior by selecting harmonising colours, materials and textures. Natural woven fibres, curves and soft, coastal hues are key interior trends for 2021 – and they work beautifully outside too. For a completely seamless look, seek out pieces that come in both an indoor and outdoor version, such as Sika Design’s Belladona sofa.

3- Embrace colour and texture

Pictured Above: Kun Design Lotus Aluminium Planters.

Bring your alfresco space to life with a medley of plants in statement pots and planters. The latest trends favour oversized pots with simple, organic lines and matt finishes in nature-inspired tones of moss, terracotta, blush and stone. Choose pots of different shapes and heights in tonal hues to create a lush, layered effect.

4- Introduce Bar Carts

Pictured Above: Sika Design Exterior Carlo Bar Trolley and Kun Design Pipe Bar Cart.

Take outdoor entertaining to the next level by setting up a mini bar with a stylish bar cart. This charming and versatile piece of furniture is the must have of the season and will work hard in your home for years to come. The Sika Design’s Exterior Carlo Bar Trolley and the Kun Design Pipe Bar Cart are both on wheels so you can move easily between indoor and outdoor spaces.

5- Accessorise 

Pictured Above: DOMO Homeware Champagne Buckets and Candlesticks.

Style your outdoor area with as much care as your interior and you’ll create a space guests love spending time in. Define your entertaining area, while adding softness, with an outdoor rug, decorate the table with fresh flowers in colourful glass vessels.

To complete an outdoor table setting, incorporate elegant objects, like champagne buckets and candlesticks. These pieces present beautifully, capture interest and express personality and taste.

Decorate the walls with mirrors or wall-mounted planters, and up the cosiness factor with comfortable scatter cushions and throws on your outdoor sofa. And don’t forget to include an awning or umbrella to provide shade on scorching hot days.

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