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With winter drawing to a close, life will once again extend to the great outdoor. What better way to experience the very best of outdoor living than with the very best selection of outdoor furniture?

Vermobil is considered the world leader in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture, so it’s only fitting that it’s now available at DOMO! Born and bred in the rolling Umbrian hills of Italy, Vermobil’s beautifully handcrafted furniture has graced outdoor spaces for more than 20 years and we’ve brought a fine selection to our showrooms.

Vermobil’s elegant Italian-made outdoor furniture is crafted from high-quality materials and design techniques to guarantee durability without comprising on style. Made from powder-coated galvanised steel, the designs come in a selection of colours and can also be custom coloured to match any theme.

Vermobil’s furniture designs continually evolve to suit changing lifestyles and are made to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The Desiree Lounge Chair is a perfect example of elegance, with a perforated diamond shaped back providing exceptional support and cushions add extra comfort. The stackable Desiree Dining Chair features a similar design and makes a sleek and stylish accompaniment to lunch on a garden terrace, small balcony or backyard.

Desiree Lounge Chair, Desiree Sofa and Desiree Coffee Table

The Mimmo Chair, with its curved armrests and ornate back, sits perfectly at the table where you can toast its superior Italian craftsmanship.

Mimmo Chair

If straight lines are more your style, the Mogan Dining Chair is a perfect choice and is available with the option of a timber backrest. It sits perfectly with the Mogan Carver Chair and stacks neatly, making it perfect for apartments with small outdoor spaces.

Mogan Carver Chair and Quatris Table

The Vermobil range also includes a range of tables, which are available at DOMO showrooms. It makes outdoor living even more appealing.

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