How to Care for Oxidised Steel Furniture

Caring for oxidised steel furniture is important as it helps to maintain the appearance of your item. In furniture manufacturing, an oxidised steel finish is obtained by hand-dipping a sheet of brushed, polished steel in various chemical baths. The resulting random effect is then fixed with the application of transparent varnish.


Each piece of oxidised steel furniture is unique

Each individual furniture piece is one-of-a-kind. This is because as the metal oxidises it creates unique and unexpected design results. For example, every single oxidised steel table is naturally different, and one will certainly discover a myriad of variations upon inspection of each oxidised tabletop.


The protective varnish must be kept in tact

If the protective varnish coating the oxidised steel is altered or damaged by a blow, a cut, a scratch or by using a product which is too aggressive, the air will infiltrate and corrode the metal as it spreads. Proximity to salt air may accelerate this process.


How do I clean oxidised steel furniture?

The best way to clean oxidised steel furniture is with a dilution of water and a gentle detergent. This detergent must not contain any abrasive particles. Dry the furniture item straight away with a soft cloth. 

Scouring powders and aggressive cleaning products should not be used on this kind of décor. Wipe up spills (all liquids, drinks, etc) as quicky as possible.

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