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Nautical Collection – Bells, Clocks, Compasses, Model Ships, Oars, Signal Flags and more.

The Age of Sail made voyages of exploration possible.  The invention of the simple compass freed sailors from coastal courses, opening the wider world to trade, travel and cultural exchange. Model Ships were crafted as a votive for the local chapel or as shipyard models to impress the Admiralty lords.  Our captivating collection of sailing ships and runabouts, nautical artefacts, instruments and accessories continue to fascinate and intrigue.

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Authentic Models Celebrating over 45 years.  

Founded by Haring Piebenga in 1968, A.M today supplies furniture and accessory stores the world over. A.M.’s eclectic mix reflects Haring’s passion for history. He became a well known antique dealer in Amsterdam before moving to the USA.

The Stories behind A.M’s visual statements continue to stimulate the mind ….  From a DC3 Plane, to a hand built cabinet or Curiosities, from a 16th Century Dutch Globe, to a little compass that guided sailors across oceans five centuries ago.