Atoll Candle Holders



Product customisation available

Design Sebastian Herkner

An Atoll arises when a volcano erupts. Sebastian Herkner’s hot moulded candle islands of massive glass are non-symmetrical and randomly shaped. In three sizes (one, three or seven candles) and four colours. Punctuated simply with a series of holes in which to place your candles, the atoll series does not over-complicate, simply bringing the beauty of cast glass to the fore.

Material: Handmade Glass

Colour: Amber, Amethyst, Blue, Smoky Grey, Transparent


L 80 × W 75 × H 40 mm Small
L 300 × W 140 × H 40 mm Medium
L 320 × W 220 × H 40 mm Big


Various upholstery and finishes available for forward order. Estimated Lead times can be supplied upon application.

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