Bryan Headboard


BRYAN symbolises the pinnacle of handcraftsmanship. This special headboard with its striking and precisely executed vertical pipe stitching can also be approached as a work of art: mounted directly on the wall, it can be customised like wallpaper to match highly individual interior decor schemes. To accomplish this, panels are available in three widths, which can be combined at will. The headboard can be mounted flush to the base, extend beyond the base or positioned asymmetrically. Each individual panel is framed by a sharp line of piping. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Different covering materials, colour combinations and contrasting piping are among the options. The headboard can also be adapted to feature a tiltable element – positioned on one or both sides – which takes its cue from the humble paravent to lend the piece an additional sense of security. The selected bed base is simply arranged alongside this piece of wall art and firmly held in place thanks to special sliders, without any need for additional mounts.

Additional Information

This item can be customized using a wide choice of fabrics found in the store. The Retail price will vary dependent on the fabric chosen. Pricing shown on the website is indicative of non-custom stock.



This item is currently not stocked nationally at DOMO Collections - yet is available upon request from our suppliers.

To inquire about product customisation from our available fabrics and finishes or to place an order, Please contact or visit your closest DOMO store.

*Please note standard shipment lead times may apply.

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