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A rug can dramatically change the look and feel of a room.  DOMO partners with a number of well respected rug companies such as Cadry’s to ensure that we have a wide selection available to meet your needs. Images shown are indicative of styles that are available.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to finish off the look of a room is to add a rug. Yet it is an item that you should actually consider first. Flooring is often an afterthought, and even when it is added, many times it’s done incorrectly. That’s because a large part of decorating with rugs is based on the principles of proportion. Not to mention balance with colour and texture and the element of style, too.  Whatever style you choose, “when decorating any area, it is often best to build the scheme from the floor up”, advises Bob Cadry. “Set the atmosphere and palette by selecting the rug first.  In most cases this will guide you towards your complete desired interior. If you are selecting the rug after you have furnished the room, however, look for colours in a rug that complement a favourite piece of artwork or blend in with your soft furnishings,” he adds.

For a greater understanding take the time to review the considerations noted under Additional information for when buying a rug.

Additional Information

Cadry Rugs

In 1952 Jacques Cadry established Cadrys Handwoven Rugs at its now famous historic sandstone showrooms in Edgecliff, Sydney. Jacques came from a family who had been dealing in rugs and carpets since the 1800’s in his native Iran. The Cadry Family continues this tradition and their company Cadrys is now one of the most trusted and reliable sources of quality handwoven rugs in Australia.

Scale – A rug needs to be scaled to fit in with the rest of your decor.  A small rug in front of a large sofa will look out of place.  It is best to be generous and treat a rug as an anchor point for the room.  It is preferable to have all furniture sitting on a rug as a large rug grounds the setting.

Zones – You can also use rugs to define different zones of a room, says Bob Cadry, director of Cadrys Classic Contemporary & Custom Rugs. Therefore, in a large open-plan living space, you could use a rug to differentiate the living from dining areas. The furniture in each space could be placed on its own large rug.

Size – As a rule of thumb, people at look two options when choosing the size.  “For a living room you may choose the contemporary oversized method, where you place all of your furniture on top of the rug – in most cases a 2.5m x 3.5m size is best – or the traditional method whereby you place your sofas around the rug and only your coffee table on top.”  When it comes to dining rooms, a rug looks better being large enough to accommodate a dining chair in the pulled out position – it is preferable that the chair legs not ‘fall off’ the rug.” in this position.

Life “Style” – Do you wish for the rug to be a feature of the room, or is your preference for it too simply add texture and finish off a space?  Fading can be a concern, so think about whether the room gets much sunlight?  Your lifestyle needs to be taken into consideration along with your preferred style. An educated choice means the rug will look better, be easier to maintain and, best of all, will last much longer.  Questions to consider such as the foot traffic in the room, whether you have pets need to be taken into account. A good-quality and well-constructed rug can often last more than 20 years, passing from parents to children.

Options – Classical styles include Persian and Oriental rugs. More contemporary rugs can be made from plain, natural materials such as sisal, jute and hemp. They can also add graphic elements to a room.  Placing an interesting rug within a furniture setting has an instant impact and refreshes a space immediately.”

Balance – Just remember that if you add a colourful rug to a scheme, you need to ensure it balances against all the other elements you are considering for the room. These include fabric and paint swatches as well as furniture and lighting shapes and sizes.

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