Colonial Teak Table


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Sika Designs Teak items are made of old reclaimed teak wood.  It can be sourced from old houses, old fishing boats or old rail road supports. The wood appears with reparations and fillings. The Colonial Dining table is an outdoor table made of aged teak.  The Teak items which form part of Sika Designs overall offering are stylish and practical for any home, country retreat, beach house or apartment where casual living is the norm.



Additional Information

The history of Sika-Design

The Sika story began in Denmark in the 1940s. The tradition of furniture design being  centered around comfort, quality and sustainability continues today and is a theme that is executed across all collections.  The Originals Collection is inspired by some of the company’s original designs which breathe new life into furniture that is as stylish and covetable now as it was more than half a century ago. Sika’s Outdoor Collection, ‘Georgia Garden’, takes inspiration from garden furniture of the late 19th century and products are woven from maintenance-free polyrattan ensuring little in the way of upkeep.  Sika regularly introduces capsule collections such as the current Icon designer collection featuring products from known Danish Architects such as Nanna & Jorgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and R. Wengler now back in production.  The teak range was a natural progession to accompany either the indoor Originals collection or the outdoor Georgia Collection.

About Rattan

Furniture produced of rattan, are popularly known as wicker furniture, bamboo furniture or woven furniture. Rattan is remarkable hardwearing and at the same time a very lightweight material. We often see some of our models lasting several generations. Unlike bamboo, which is a hollow material, rattan is solid.  Rattan is in the palm family and grows climbing up the trees in the rain forest. About 80% of the worlds rattan comes from Indonesia and it grows naturally without disturbing the existing structure and balance in the rain forest. The rattan cord can grow up to 185 meters long and there is more than 200 known species of the rattan plant. To maintain the rattan production it is necessary to preserve the trees, why the rattan plant indirect helps care for the rain forest in Indonesia. Rattan is one of the fastest growing materials, which also filter the air and converts most CO2 to oxygen. It regenerates it self in a cycle on 5-7 years. Rattan is resistant against heat, cold, moist and temperature fluctuations, and is a sustainable material, that fulfils our production philosophy of ethics and common sense.


Length: 160 cm Width: 100 cm Height: 72,5 cm Length: 200 cm Width: 100 cm Height: 72,5 cm Length: 220 cm Width: 100 cm Height: 72,5 cm