Double Lounge (Modular)


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Double Collection Design Rodolfo Dordoni

Description Sofa for outdoor

Structure Aluminium covered with an electrostatic powder painting, with a polyester base.
Padding Hydro draining padding made of open-cell polyurethane with three different densities, enclosed in a three-dimensional net. Made in Italy.

3D net Polyester three-dimensional net, with a pleasant hand-feel, and elevated technical performance: on the right side of the material the weave is more open in order to facilitate the drainage of water, while on the reverse side it is slightly more closely woven to hold the internal padding more effectively. A gap between the two sides gives softness to this fabric and enhances its drain-through capacity, ensuring a quick drying. Excellent colour fastness to light. Not fire resistant.

3D net Polyester three-dimensional net Colours:

3D net grey

3D net olive

3D net navy

Fabric cover (optional) Made with all outdoor fabrics of RODA collection. Fabric cover available for a seat or entire structure.

Additional Information

Roda was founded in 1990 and is based in Varese, one of 12 provinces in the Lombardia region of Italy. Today, the company has become a leader company in the worldwide sector of outdoor furniture.

Roda traced a real chapter in the history of contemporary design: it has created a new dimension of the outdoor space, considering it as a value extension of indoors, that should be furnished with the same importance and attention.

Elegant collections, with an innovative and welcoming design, are combined with materials of the best quality, such as solid teak, polyester belts, stainless steel and refined stones.

Today Roda is one of the leading creators of boundary crossing outdoor and indoor furniture, and is seen as the parent of the new IN and OUT sector in home furnishings and interiors.


Length 255cm - 100"2/4 Width85cm - 33"2/4 Height 80cm - 31"2/4 Seat height with cushion 26(+12)cm - 10"1/4(+4"3/4)

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