DS-1051/12 Executive Directional Chair


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The embodiment of values. The DS-1051/12 Executive Directional chair is a classic with strong de Sede DNA.  With its clean-cut lines, painstaking craftsmanship, premium-quality materials and devotion to detail, the DS-1051 Executive chair is a classic of the de Sede collection. Conceived in the company’s own design studio in 1971, the DS-51 was the inspiration behind the DS-1051/12 Executive Directional chair which has been created by de Sede.

The seat and back cushions are all lovingly sewn by hand with needle and thread and reflect the very best of the traditional Swiss craftsmanship for which de Sede has long been acclaimed. The expressive hand stitching on the sides gives the programme its unmistakable identity and further underscores its exclusiveness and distinction.


W 73 X H 125 X D 82 cm

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