DS-1051/12 Executive Directional Chair


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The embodiment of values. The DS-1051/12 Executive Directional chair is a classic with strong de Sede DNA.  With its clean-cut lines, painstaking craftsmanship, premium-quality materials and devotion to detail, the DS-1051 Executive chair is a classic of the de Sede collection. Conceived in the company’s own design studio in 1971, the DS-51 was the inspiration behind the DS-1051/12 Executive Directional chair which has been created by de Sede.

The seat and back cushions are all lovingly sewn by hand with needle and thread and reflect the very best of the traditional Swiss craftsmanship for which de Sede has long been acclaimed. The expressive hand stitching on the sides gives the programme its unmistakable identity and further underscores its exclusiveness and distinction. The 4-star base follows the lines of the seating and rounds off the form to perfection. This seating programme comprises a conference chair, which is available with two different back heights, and an exclusive executive armchair.

The DS-1051 programme makes a delicate and elegant impression while providing all the superb comfort for which de Sede is justly famous. So that even after hours of meetings, the body still feels fresh and rested.

Additional Information

Made in Switzerland, de Sede has been creating premium-quality leather furniture for an international market since 1965. The original skilled craftsman’s workshop has grown to become a company with over 1000 trading partners in more than 100 countries around the globe.

Founded in the 1960s by the Lüthy family, who were originally known as quality saddle makers, the sophisticated designs of the company’s leather furniture swiftly gained the brand an international reputation.

Individual de Sede craftsman monitor the furniture through several stages of manufacture and every hide is inspected five separate times in the course of being processed. The de Sede product range is constantly being extended with work by renowned designers

Today de Sede is generally recognized as the “Rolls Royce” of the furniture industry worldwide. Attention to detail, and the best of Swiss workmanship, continues to define this collection as the absolute premium furniture brand.


W 73 X H 125 X D 82 cm