DS-414 Chair


Design de Sede Design Team

When the little brother suddenly grows up. DS-414 is a chair that follows the movements of the person seated and provides noticeable support for the sitting posture: sitting has never been so healthy – no wonder since the model is based on a novel movement mechanism.

Available as a cantilevered chair or with a starbase, the consistent further development contains everything one needs to bring the new culture of sitting to the table. But de Sede takes things a step further still, by selecting materials that permit a high-quality material mix of leather and fabric, suddenly lending DS-414, the little brother, a distinctive appearance all its own.



Additional Information

This item can be customized using a wide choice of fabrics found in the store. The Retail price will vary dependent on the fabric chosen. Pricing shown on the website is indicative of non-custom stock.

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This item is fully customisable upon request from our suppliers.
Please inquire about material selections or visit your closest DOMO store to hand pick from our available fabrics and finishes.


This item is currently not stocked nationally at DOMO Collections - yet is available upon request from our suppliers.

To inquire about product customisation from our available fabrics and finishes or to place an order, Please contact or visit your closest DOMO store.

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